welcome, sister.

What an honor getting to speak life to you

You, my friend, are living out your life's work, literally feeling lit up on the inside every day. You're sometimes surprised by your level of success because you've found a way to weave your innate gifts and talents into your livelihood. Go, girlfriend!

I know this took you some work and time. You're now wanting to feel even more content in your life and work. There is a calling you have within that can't be ignored any longer: it's time to honor yourself. 

What the heck does this even look like? You're living the life of your dreams based on everyone else's terms, right? Your huge vision is coming to life before your eyes, your devoted following is growing organically and at warp speed, but there is this piece of you... that needs you back. 

To connect more with yourself, to finally freaking trust yourself, fiercely. To have your confidence on the inside reflect your confidence on the outside. I am right here, and I hear you. You are not alone.

I so get it.


I want you to know, I know it feels a little sticky and maybe even downright hard right now. After all, you've created and changed so much. How could there be more? 

Don't feel flustered, soul sister. I know. I know that you are a strong person. When I say that, I mean your character, ethics and beliefs are inspiring to others. You not only shine from up on stage, you know what it's like to do all of the jobs to even make "the stage" possible. You know each and every nuance because you've arrived to exactly where you are because of your heart, determination, and, honestly, your grit. 

You are a visionary and have been constantly growing for as long as you can remember - seeking improvement and growth. It's just who you are. You love to learn and unlock new possibilities and realities within yourself. Others may have scratched their head in the past, "You're doing another thing?" but they either can now see what you see or will be totally dazzled when they grasp the pure magic you are weaving over there.

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 6.23.32 AM.png

I see you.

You are a soul sister CEO on a mission with big work in the world.

I'm Rachel, and I support visionary and powerful women just like you.

My Soul Support coaching is for the soul sister CEO on a mission with big work in the world. I blend biz savvy and soul expansion to help you move through the blocks and bumps that come with evolving alongside your empire with ongoing monthly support.

I blend my passionate expertise of business, spiritual teachings and inner world work to help set you free and connect you with your divine power.

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I believe you know if it's your time...

I believe your intuition is calling out to you for positive and empowering change and you sense this on a cellular level.

Are you ready.... let's do THIS.

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Why I do what I do.

Growing and evolving is a cyclical process, and transformation requires us to shed layers and embody pure expansion. I believe when we grow together, we're better for it and that we're not meant to do this "thing" alone, isolated, or in a vacuum until we are perfect and ready. I have loved supporting the people in my life energetically and emotionally for as long as I can remember. Making my life's work the call of my soul has been the greatest adventure, and I believe I am just getting started. True change happens when we surrender, when we lay down our might, and we ask to be supported by God, the universe, and each other. I believe the role of an empowering coach is not to do the work for you, but instead to invite and creatively support you reach your desired outcome and goals. 



My path.

My path has been blessed by some of the most transformational figures and leaders I have had the honor of encountering and following. I blend my successful business and sales career in the wholesale home decor and gift industry (from making over 3,000 in person cold calls across the Southeast to managing a 5+ million dollar company's social marketing, branding, and PR) with my journey and education in the personal development world.

I decided to change my life when I was 15, taking the first step on my transformational path by working with my first mental health professional. From there I grew to love all forms of counseling, therapy, and mindset work as I processed where I was in my family and life, the challenges I experienced, and where I ultimately wanted to go. I made my academic focus one of expression and communication, studying English, paired with psychology. In 2013 I began working with my first life coach, Laurel Holland, who later became my mentor and teacher, supporting me and training me in her method for coaching and transformational work. We continue to work closely together, as she says "passing the light" for me to carry forward. Together we lead an annual mastermind in Richmond, Virginia for spiritual entrepreneurial women.


Super Powers

highly cultivated, just for you.

I've been called an emotional and creative doula, helping others deeply process and birth the jumbled words, thoughts, problems, and dreams inside. Highly intuitive, I help you get crystal clear on what is happening, what you desire in the core of your soul - for your life and goals - and support and empower you to get there and even go beyond.

I have a massively creative spirit that sees possibilities and realities before others can see them. I bring lightness, beauty, and integrity to every detail I touch with my hands and hold in my heart. My passion is to help clients move into the life and business experience they desire in an honest, genuine, and enlightening way.