Coming Home.

Welcome to our final week together! I am overjoyed to bring us to our final chapter: Coming Home.

The journey we have been on since March 6th has been one of gentle awareness, release, acceptance, and clarity. Be proud no matter what you journey has looked like and release any judgmentaround what you thought it should look like. 



In this last week, we are bringing all the pieces back in. We are solidifying the inner voice as one of weight and worthiness.

We are unchaining our hearts and trusting the soil we have so thoughtfully and beautifully tilled. 

At some point, take some time to just be. I'm assigning you that homework. 

There will be a juicy meditation to come this week. I am also open if you would like to request something specific: a FB Live, a guided exercise, etc. 

This is your last week with me! What do you need? Let me know in an email or over in our FB Group. Xo! 



Final Guided Journaling & Meditation


1. Set your timer for 10 mins.

Journal on and ask yourself: 

What is your current state?

Is there anything that is ready to come out of your heart and on to the paper?

What are you ready for in your life?

2. Listen to the following meditation. You can be seated or laying down. 

*meditation is 11 mins

3. With your journal close by, write down any thoughts lingering from the meditation. 


Share any aha's, thoughts, or notes over in our private Facebook group. I can't wait to support you there.


The Facebook group and the member page will remain open for one week after the program ends.

As of April 14th, both will be closed.