Phase Two: Creatively Living

WEEK TWO: MARCH 18th - 24th


Creatively Living

Do you consider yourself creative? Is this a word that growing up, you decided to unidentify yourself as because of an experience in an art class, a comment made, or feeling outshined by someone who was really passionate about their own creativity?  

I connect with clients regularly who reveal that they don't think they are creative; attributing success to hard work, staying the course, and not giving up. While all of these are noble descriptions when it comes to building a life, career, business, and/or brand I have to disagree. 

The very fact that you are living and breathing with your eyes open to read this supports that you are in fact creative.

the definition of creative is:

relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas. 

You, my dear, have created and are creating the world around you. Your body creates your rhythms from your breath to your sleep. Your mind has imagined you happy and loved. You can probably see a picture of yourself right now learning how to drive a car for the first time. If you have a family, you are an artist of people and love. If you have a routine that sets your heart on fire, you are a sculptor of experiences. If you have deep friendships and relationships, you are a watercolorist of emotion, vulnerability, and willingness. These are original ideas.

MARCH 18th - 19th | Rest

The past two days (Saturday and Sunday) were prescribed as rest days. Why? Because we cannot be in full creation mode all of the time. We must return inward, recharge and rest.

Think of it this way, too: Creating too much means you will most likely have to deal with expending additional time and energy getting rid of excess.

Creating - habits, thoughts, space, projects, conversations, choices, emails (lol) - consciously and trusting the cycle of your energetic flow is not just a part of living, it is of the utmost priority to continually monitor and respect.

This week, we will be building on our awareness and wading through our own creative processes (art supplies, optional ;).


Tune into how you want to feel this week.

Write it down, tell it to one person. 

Ps. Keep those hashtags (#comfortwithrachel and #rachelcamfield, ) coming! Congrats to @kelsey_eanes for winning last week's goodies from me! I'm doing it again this week because I love nothing more than sending out a care package of a few of my favorite things. 

This week, post anything that's part of your creative process. 

I'm just going to put this right here. 

How do you want to feel?

How did it go declaring it and telling one person? Was it a little weird at first, to think you have a choice in the matter? Was it surprising how long you maybe haven't asked yourself this question? Have you ever asked yourself this question? 

Growing up, I knew how I wanted to feel. I knew it so well it was like a fact. Even though my circumstances didn't match what I desired, I was still able to make choices from a place of anchored-ness. As I grew up and gained more and more freedom and independence, I had a blueprint from my emotions that were like the rudder to my boat motoring along. I absolutely have experienced (and will experience) many overcorrections, jerking the handle too far to the right, whipping to the left and then having to steady myself, but even the tiny click to the left or right changes where you are heading. 

Where do you want to be heading? 

If you are checking the boxes of self judgement, guilt, overwhelm, self-sacrifice, over-apologizing, over-eating, over-working, numbing with food, sugar, alcohol, I want to tell you I have been there. If you feel like you have been getting messages from your body, whether that be it's too much, you can't breathe, or it all needs to slow down, do not panic, and know that this is okay. 

You have cultivated in our short time together, the space within to hold your own truth. You may have be under the assumption that you can't trust your own truth or your life will fall apart if you don't keep up with the crazy-making pace that is our world. 

For now, just feel.

Own your truth. Give it words, and share it with someone you really trust. This work is cyclical. We don't arrive. We just live, pay attention, make tiny pivots in the direction we choose and laugh when we hit the rumble strip as a dear friend likes to say. 

Getting thoughts down on paper, releasing them from your mind, and gaining clarity and direction is one of the most powerful tools we have to create any kind of change we desire. 

You're doing amazing being gentle and honest with yourself, and I've created a tool to help us over the hump of taking everything we've been working on up to this point, and transforming it into clarity. 

Click to download


I recommend bringing this into your place of peace, letting music support your writing, and making it a special time with yourself and your heart. She's really excited to have this special time with you!

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