WEEK THREE: MARCH 25th - 31st



Hello, sweet soul. For the last 21 days, we have worked through some pretty big stuff.

You may be thrilled with how the experience is going for you or you perhaps have realized how busy your days truly are. No matter what, you're doing awesome. Saying to yourself and the universe you want this kind of empowerment and relationship with yourself in your life, and all of the many ways you show up, is an opening to be blessed.

I've been holding space for each of you, knowing we are all in different stages and places in life, yet here we are connected by this one thread, this group. I am having my own transformations, sticky places, and awakenings right here with you. So that's why this week, I am not rolling out the final week of material and content I have created for this process. We are going to do what I so lovingly like to call, integrate. 

Let your heart catch up if it needs to. Give yourself even more grace space. Begin the first meditation if you haven't and you want to. This is your time.

What you will need for this week:

  • A check in with yourself - Are you content with how you are showing up? What's going really well for you? Would you like to change anything? 
  • A voice of self-compassion.
  • Patience with exactly where you are, what you are learning, and what you want. 

Last week's worksheet might help you with this. 

MARCH 28th | Facebook Live Coaching Call

During this week, I will be doing a live call in the Facebook group on Tuesday, March 28th at 7:30 PM. Submit (email me at current questions you have or areas you are working through and would like me to coach live on and I will come prepared. If you would like to chat on the live, that is fine too, just know emailed requests will have first priority. If you are not able to make it on live and would like to hear from me on a specific area or topic, send it in and I will make sure to cover it. I cannot wait to serve you!

Ps. Keep those hashtags (#comfortwithrachel and #rachelcamfield, ) coming! Congrats to @blumeshine for winning last week's goodies from me! I'm doing it again this week because I love nothing more than sending out a few of my favorite things. 

This week, post anything that you've learned or are integrating.