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Dear One, 

Welcome. I am truly so glad that you claimed your decision to be a part of this experience.

Coming into clarity and taking the personal ownership that you want to be open to learning, shifting, expanding, and possibly, changing into a new way of being, is remarkable.

"So what exactly is this?", you might be wondering. This is an invitation and a gift to step inside my world with me and also have me step into yours. We will be connecting each week in your inbox and in our private Facebook group. You can expect videos, meditations, teachings, and conversation, in addition to group coaching calls that I will be offering, all for free, over the course of our four weeks together from March 6th - March 31st.

What this is about.

This is about your own awakening, expression, and journey. Your feet are on your own path. You are the captain. I am simply here as a channel, teacher, resource and guide.

The reality of our work here together.

It is important for me to share I am choosing to go with the flow with this very special group and craft material specific to the areas I gather are most relevant to you and the other participants involved. I am working with loose guidelines and inspirations and have no intent of posturing this as a scripted course or movement. Your participation and voice greatly matters and will impact the flavor and direction we take. As of right now, this is the only time I am planning to offer this experience this year for free. 




There are a few elements that are vital to this process and the result you will personally achieve. 

1. Participant Agreement

This is designed to clearly set out the expectations of this group. If you do not agree with what is set forth, that is okay - you must decide if you want to participate, but please keep in mind we are stepping into an energetic agreement where the integrity of your word is required.

Please read, sign, and send back to me no later than March 8th as your contribution to be a part of this group. I will not be sending reminders or checking in, it is simply your honor and responsibility to partake.  

Download Agreement here.

2. Facebook Group

Once you have completed and sent me your participant agreement, please request access to our private Facebook group. I can't wait to welcome you!

Join Facebook Group here.

3. Getting Started Questionnaire

Let's take a pulse and get some of those thoughts, desires, and messages down on paper. This questionnaire is relaxed and is a window for you and me to connect. I want to know how I can best serve you.

It's important to know there is no right or wrong answer, no "good" or "bad" answer. Welcome to a conversation where all responses are valued and you're not being graded. Whew. How does that feel? 

Name *
If applicable.
I am here for *
Please check all that apply.
I have completed *
I believe I am here in the world for a purpose. *
I feel close to the calling of my life. *
I am in alignment and content with my career path and what I do for work. *
I consider self-reflection, contemplation, meditation, and other interior practices a little self-indulgent and only do them when I'm not busy. *
I know what to do to take care of my body, mind, soul, spirit connection. *
I've been feeling confused and uncomfortable lately and do not know why. *
I feel overwhelmed most days like I'm swimming against a tidal wave of negativity and low vibes. *
I feel balanced and in harmony with the responsibilities and roles in my life. *
I struggle with surrender and trusting. *
I'm overwhelmed with choosing the right path in my life. *
Being in tune with my body and the world around me is a priority and very important. *
I'm confused by all of this talk about "intuition", "the universe", "flow" and other words like this. *
I am totally clear in my brand message and what my offerings, business model, and marketing plan is. *


That's it, love.

Once you've completed 1-3 above, we are on the same page and ready for our experience to begin. In closing I'd like to invite you to embrace an idea:

Imagine and see in your mind's eye a door. There might be a vintage crystal knob or a shiny brass one. You've shown the courage to put your hand on the knob, turn, and push. What's behind the door right now is simply darkness.

Most of us only want to enter when we can see the walls, find the windows, define and predict what is within. Let's be different. Open your arms to the darkness. Spread out your hands and fingers to the unscripted. Deeply inhale into just being. This is where we start. 

With respect and wonder, I bow to you and your willingness to grow, Rach

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