The Conscious Creative Life


Can I just say that it is such an honor to be here with you today. I'm still figuring out how to weave it all together - social media, my businesses, offerings, rest and playtime for myself, continuing education, my marriage, blog posts, The Rachel Camfield Show, emails, friends. You get the idea and probably have your own version with little check boxes running through your mind!


Yesterday morning I drove to meet colleague and friend, Laurel Holland, for our final mastermind group of 2016. Laurel and I met and have been working together since 2012. We have a shared passion for...

  • Courageously unlocking and releasing your inner truth that transforms into your inner power when you trust yourself, desires, and callings.
  • Healing the past and intentionally building your present and future world around you. 
  • Cultivating positive, truth-filled relationships.
  • Demonstrating unapologetic confidence in business and inviting others to do the same.
  • Leading and collaborating with likeminded others.

But back to yesterday morning. It was pouring down rain and the wipers were flying on my windshield. When I got inside, I headed downstairs to our meeting room. Candles burning, oranges gathered in a bowl, holiday joy diffusing into the air. We've been co-leading the Conscious Leadership Mastermind this year with an intimate group of business owners who are highly committed to personal and professional transformation.

The mood was cozy and uplifting, and I was seized by a feeling of pure freedom as a wash of contentment and one sentence, so bold, so clear, came over me... "I don't have to wish anymore."  

Does how you want to feel in your life, business, career, relationships feel like a far away wish?

Are you consciously leading your life or are you doing what you think you are supposed to do? Have you achieved the success in your business that you want? How about really feeling fulfilled in your daily life? Who is running your business or career - is it your fear or old habits and routines? Why is it that we save what we really want for later? We delay joy until we think we're going to feel ready. We hold off on making change until the perfect time. We keep old habits and routines becasue what's on the other side feels too unknown, too dark.

These are not easy questions and true support is necessary for growth, clarity, and transformation. If it weren't for high-level groups like this one and investing in professionals to help me grow, I would not be where I am in my life, relationships, or businesses today. 

So I am just a little thrilled to announce that Laurel and I have decided to extend a public invitation into our 2017 Mastermind group: The Conscious Creative Life.

This is an in-person, once a month meeting in Richmond, Virginia and is intended for those who are highly committed to a path of personal and professional development.

If you feel like you would be a great fit in our 2017 group and are looking to mastermind, grow, and connect with likeminded others, we would love to hear from you. Our short, 8 question survey is due no later than Dec. 23rd. There is also going to be a highly-sought after and powerful guest and coach leading with us for our kickoff meeting on January 6th. If you have been looking to uplevel your leadership, business, and life, this could be your sign!

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