The Truth About Network Marketing


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I know what you're thinking. "Another one of those things." I know, me too. Who does she think she is? Calling herself an "entrepreneur". A business owner. 

She says it's just like when you recommend your favorite restaurant. Or like that time when you loved her cute top so much, she sent you the exact link for it, and you bought it. But she says it's different, too. I'm not really sure what she means.

She keeps inviting me to take peek at her business. Says "I'd be amazing at it." That it's filled with personal development and is like getting a free business education (and so much more), but all on my own schedule. 

Honestly, it seems like everyone is doing this kind of thing on the side.

What do they think, that they're going to get rich quick? I'm not buying it. 


Welcome to my brain! I have some version of this self-sabotaging conversation in my mind at minimum once a day. Key word, minimum. I'm human, guys. 

But let me back up. At the beginning of this brand new year, a sparkly 2016, I created, built, shelled-out and came out as a self-employed, creative business owner. 

January 6, 2016 |  My Grand Opening Picture for Carriage House Collaborations & Coaching. I was happy. I was scared. I was getting ready for one of the biggest changes in my life. 

January 6, 2016 | My Grand Opening Picture for Carriage House Collaborations & Coaching. I was happy. I was scared. I was getting ready for one of the biggest changes in my life. 

Y'all. I was THRILLED. You could say I've had a hustlin' flair, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a love for service for most of my life (that is, as soon as I got wind of this whole value-transaction world we're all livin' in). 

Need a greeting card in a pinch? Check out my handmade collection. Think I can't juggle four jobs at once in school? Watch me. You mean I can get jazzy and exercise-y in the front of a room of people? Inspire, uplift, instruct, and work out? Step into my class! I. Love. To. Work. 

So you would think the reality of working for yours truly would result in full blown confidence. Inner peace. Morning routines peppered with a somewhat flexible and consistent schedule. Calm evenings of unwinding. Time to dig into my personal development. Resources to invest in my own continued education and things that really excite me. WAKE UP, SWEET RACHEL. 

I spent my entire Christmas holiday, over 5 figures and about 3 weeks struggling to live this life.

Truth be told, I felt unrecognizable. Stressed. Hunched at my computer. Hollowed out from all the pushing. Looking for a virtual finish line and a break of some nature. But it never came. 

You know how you can have an absolute crystal clear vision in your head? It can make you move. Jump into action! Fire you up. Well, I had just pulled off this kind of vision casting. It was my real life. You guys, I had actual business cards! I was too legit to quit.

Why does any of this matter? Well, if you have ever imagined being your own boss, finding "your people", building an additional full-time and then-some income, being even happier and better at "what you do", creating true financial freedom - not just income but wealth, being around growth mindsets and positivity, and/or stepping out of the corporate or full-time job arena, then keep reading. 

Did you know that the average millionaire has 7 sources of income? 

Did you know that a network marketing business can be equivalent to investing in real estate and the stock market? 

Did you know that for most network marketing professionals, the initial and upfront cost to start their business is considerably less of a risk than any other kind of entrepreneurship, yet they are able to have many of the same benefits as a much larger, even fortune 500 sized, company? 

Did you know that when you choose to shop small, even from a direct sales distributor, you are helping to build wealth and confidence in someone else's family instead of making the rich, richer? 

These are just a few of the ah-ha's I have gathered along the way of having my own network marketing business. 

But I promised to tell you the truth, so here it is.

*I will be using she/her for the honest nuggets below, but please know, my network marketing brothers, that you rock and we need even more of you. 

If someone has committed and is actively working her own network marketing business, whether full-time or part-time:

  • She needs the income, the inspiration, the outlet, the community, or all of these things. 

  • She actually does love, use, and respect the products and the company she chose to partner with. She believes in them, has been educated and continues to invest in her training.  

  • She is more afraid of bothering you than you could ever imagine. 

  • She prays for strength, vision, and for your wellbeing no matter what your stance on her business is. 

  • She has overcome countless personal hurdles, had more difficult conversations, and is consciously choosing to show up and shine every day. Some days are easier than others. 

  • She is going to succeed with or without you but would love for you to be a part of her journey, no matter how big or small. 

  • This business has changed her. It's made her more kind, considerate, empathetic, and aware. It's also invited her to actually dream. Really big. For the first time in a really long time. And she's proud of that. (Yep. It's another one of those things.) Click to tweet. 


Network marketing professionals are not robots. We are legitimate business owners. We have taken a fine, long gander at the traditional business model (or have up-close and personal experience) and have intentionally decided to bypass it this time. 

For many, network marketing has found us through someone we know, believing, teaching, training, and working right alongside us as we felt our way through a dark room. We now get to turn around and help others. It's a business for yourself but not by yourself. (Is anyone realizing yet that this is what I was trying to create on my own?)

I've had to take a major ego check. Ma-jor. You mean my shiny version of my dream, my year, my future doesn't look like the one I had created? Does that make me wrong? I've come to realize, it makes me wise.

Guess what? God's plan for my life is even bigger than the version I had planned. I'm ok with that! I'm ok with reinventing. I'm ok to keep expanding. It is an honor. 

As a coach, a leader, a businesswoman and ultimately, as a believer in so many ways, I'm able to teach, build, invest, and pour into my business partners in their own businesses. Keyword: Own. I'm not just guiding, I'm building. I coach every day. I learn and grow every day. I am challenged. I create. And yet, I'm blessed to be a set of arms locked into a web of some of the most inspirational, educated, upstanding, health-hope-and-family focused souls I know and love, and some, I now call my friends. 

By getting clear on what I truly wanted and how I wanted to feel in my business, I knew on the inside I wasn't where, and who I wanted to be, just doing my own thing. My own one woman show - plates spinning on my fingers and big toe, hula hooping, smiling, and spinning along, creating my own wheel every dang time. 

Through the power of one "yes", abundance greets me everywhere.

I am a better wife, friend, business-mind, daughter, leader, artist, mentor, and me.

Now here's the thing. If you are feeling a little tug inside - that you want to learn more, I want you to know, you can ask me anything. I will tell you everything I know. But it comes down to you. What you want, what you desire, how you want to feel in your life, family, and business (or career).

Also, know that there are many amazing opportunites out there. I believe a perfect fit exists for everyone, and it looks like a different bag of chips for each person. So get excited! I'm so glad I did.

...thoughts & feelings?

What do you want more of in your life? Share with me in the comment section below. 

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Yep. It's another one of those things.

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