Our Energy is Our Engine


Almost one year ago to the week, I boarded a plane and headed out on a work trip. It was my birthday, and I was pretty raw from exhaustion. If I’m really honest with myself, I felt like I was always behind and just trying to catch up in my life.

I wanted balance more than anything, but I also wanted to be really happy. It just didn’t make sense to me; I’d done (and was doing) all of the “right” things, and yet I still wanted more.

More inner peace. More freedom. More creativity. More play. More abundance. More time to just be. I felt like I had five heads not being happy with my life the way it was. Has this ever happened to you?

But I couldn’t smother and try to bury my inner truth any longer. And that birthday? Well dang it! It spoke loud and clear to me. That it was time.

Cue my dear friend, mentor, and soul sister, Amber Lilyestrom. We actually spoke for the first time on my birthday. I should’ve known things would never be the same. 

We had connected a few weeks before at a personal and business development event in Portland, Maine. I noticed her immediately. She was poised and kind. Strong and compassionate. She got up and spoke, sharing her powerful story. I remember locking eyes afterwards and mouthing, "Really good job." as she sat down. I loved her already, and part of me hoped she would love me, too. 

She stood for something that I had been chasing so hard after and trying to create in my own way.

A life and business balance. A soul-fueled lifestyle. Time to enjoy her passions and family. A life of entrepreneurial adventure and making a difference. 

I gave her one of my homemade business cards, and at the end of the event, as everyone was breaking off and shuffling out, I asked her what she thought of mentorship. She said it's something that has to be organic and flow. I kept my fingers crossed. 

Our relationship, business partnership, and friendship has evolved into the stuff of real life Lucy and Ethel. I don't think I would believe you if you told me this was going to happen just shy of one year ago.

Last minute note writing as we prepared for Bloom Live to start at  Laney & Lu  | Photo by  Lauren Bodwell  

Last minute note writing as we prepared for Bloom Live to start at Laney & Lu | Photo by Lauren Bodwell 

We now operate on a best-friendship in all things. Family, work, dreams, soul stories, and so much more. Our daily processing has catapulted both of our lives in all areas of growth: abundance, energy, peace, emotions, joy, and most importantly, the really hard stuff.

Together, we've tapped into one of the most bountiful wells for constant inspired action and ultimate clarity (which is why my fingers are flying to tell you about what we're offering this week.)

We are hosting a live masterclass, an invitation inside our daily conversations on...

  • What hasn't worked and what is working. (And I mean, really gettin' real, y'all.) 
  • How we each have transformed our lives and businesses to move from a client-to-client/launch-to-launch model to residual income opportunities that fuel our souls and make room for the projects we want to work on. 
  • How we have created more time freedom to for the people and experiences we desire most of all (like hopping on planes to visit our besties).
  • How we are growing personally and professionally and serving others in ways that align with the big visions and goals for our lives more effectively than ever before. And a whole. lot. more. 

If you'd like to join us and catch up with me, we'd love to have you drop in and cozy up with us this Thursday at 2pm EST/ 11pm PST. You can register here: bit.ly/energyisourengine

And absolutely do not worry if you can't make it live; there will be a recording accessible for those who have registered.

If you've been following my journey, I really think this could be your jam. 

Register here: bit.ly/energyisourengine

...thoughts & feelings?

Are you constantly seeking balance and having a hard time finding it? Do you keep trying new things, hoping something will change or reignite your energy for you?  I'd love to hear from you in the comments below! 

 Our Energy is Our Engine.

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