TRCS Episode 12: 7 Pillars for Life Harmony and A Step Into My World


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Do you know how brave you are? That you have the same dust in your bones as the stars, and orchids, and giggling little babes... You're a magical being. If I'm here to remind you of that, then I am honored to do the job. In fact, reminding you how wildly and wonderfully you are made is imprinted on my heart like a badge. I can't see something beautiful in someone or something and not speak it. 

Earlier this week, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting a dear new friend for lunch. It seems like our worlds collided just in the nick of time to amp up the magic of this year. 

As I sat across the table from this beautiful woman, I was struck by what brought us together: Her desire for real conversations and relationships and mine too. The fact that she recently watched as I shared some of my difficult transformations from my past (which felt like the naked dream, to be perfectly honest) only boosted our connection, jumpstarting our conversation to a soul-bearing, truth-telling experience over roasted sweet potato bisque and hearty salads that I'm still smiling about.

I think it's so incredibly amazing what has been happening in my life since I decided to respect, value, and make decisions from the place of only one voice - my intuition.

Learning to trust myself has taken time, and I'm often just a couple thoughts away from the rumble strip (credit goes to Amber for this analogy ;). I've come to find out there are certain pillars in my life that support an even stronger connection to this, and y'all, I have not always been in a stable place in my life - I come from a place of constantly looking outside myself for permission, validation, and acceptance instead of staying with myself.

My 7 Pillars

  1. A safe environment. 

  2. Beautiful things around me that are inspiring. 

  3. Healthy nutrition, physical exercise, creating harmony in my body. 

  4. Seeking out nurturing relationships in friends, mentors and clients. 

  5. Establishing an optimal *and* flexible routine for work *and* rest.

  6. Stoking the fire of fun and play by doing new things with friends and enjoying the people and places around me. 

  7. Making and taking time (usually in the early morning) for quiet reflection, prayer and meditation.

What pillars are serving you? I'd love to know. 

For today, I've created a completely NEW experience for you in this week's episode of The Rachel Camfield Show - a brand new style I am playing with, something I've never done before. (I can't wait to hear what you think, so please let me know in the comments below!)

I'm inviting you into my space because this is where so much of my magic happens, and as I've already witnessed, the more I invite you into my world, the more honest and real our connection is, whether that's online or in person.

Our spaces, they matter. Enjoy the show!


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