The Rachel Camfield Show Episode 6: A Holistic + Balanced Lifestyle


Welcome back from the Thanksgiving festivities! How was it? How did it go? Did you have any ah-ha's? I love asking you a million questions. :) And today, I'm answering a few questions as we get back into the groove this week. 

But before we do, I had a splendid Thanksgiving. My husband and I headed to the Blue Ridge mountains. I just love tucking away there for a few days, nestled into a quilted mountain backdrop of burnt oranges and muted browns against the clearest sky. 

In this week's episode, I am uncovering what seemed like an entrepreneurial myth to me for the longest time (even before I took my leap to go out on my own). 

Let me ask you. Do you ever feel like you want to have or be living a version of someone’s life you see...


On social media

Out in the world?

Or perhaps a combination of others’ lives?

If we were window shopping together, red Starbucks cups in hand and chunky scarves around our necks, you'd point your finger at it and say "Aha! I want that one." 

Well, I know the feeling of studying, following, and watching some of my biggest inspirations, and deeply wondering how they are doing it. 

Before we dive in, my advice is and will always be, everyone has different needs and desires when it comes to creating and living a holistic and balanced life in all aspects - career, family, friends, creative pursuits. The most important work to do is to get clear on what you want and how you want to feel in your life. What is rocking for someone else may be totally off kilter for you. 

Developing a relationship with your inner wisdom and listening to the cues of your body is the secret to tuning into your truest version of success. But! I also know how helpful juicy bits and pulling back the curtain for others to see is, so that's exactly what's in the cue for you today. Let's dive into the episode! 


This episode is perfect for anyone...

  • Wanting a more balanced life and business
  • Sensing a disconnect about how you are living, how you want to be, and the choices available to you
  • Curious about my business background 
  • Wondering how and why I started both traditional and residual income business models at the same time
  • Who wants to watch Wally play with the tassels on my top

show notes: 

Citrus Fizzy

Embroidered Top: Anthropologie