The Rachel Camfield Show Episode 15: Abundance with Laurel Holland


"Here we go, here we go now!" I used to shout this out when I was teaching my fitness classes, but this is totally how I feel about my latest episode I have crafted for you. 

Dear one, the woman I am about to introduce you to is not just my personal life coach, she is my friend. You have probably heard me talk about her before. I tend to gush. We entered into each other's lives in 2013. I was just barely engaged to Brian. I was stretched thin. I was seeking. Laurel was grounded, wholesome, life-giving, and nurturing.

She had so much to give, and I was drawn to her like a thirsty bee to a bright flower. I knew the desire and magic I felt inside was not unique to only me. I knew there had to be other people, other women, who wanted to live and feel like I did - awakened, thriving, joy-filled, purposeful, in love with the details of my individual existence. 

I was stuck, but I knew it.

Do you feel me? I want you to know in this very moment you are not alone. Keep reaching. Keep searching. Your sisters are out there, and I am here to tell you there is an etching, a spot that only fits your shape, cut out in their hearts just for you. No one else can fit. Only you. 

Whew. So back to the episode. In this show, Laurel and I are sharing a conversation we were having amongst ourselves in her kitchen. We were digging into scarcity mindsets and how insidious they can be, especially if you came into the world within this reality. We realized you needed to hear our intimate conversation.

We dish on the struggle of "not enough" and scarcity being ingrained. Of it being the deep groove that you return to over and over. What to do if you are in a relationship or partnership with someone also battling this way of thinking and reacting in the world. We share REAL takeaways, actions, and shifts you can begin to make to wake up to a state of abundance and attract more of what you want to you.

If you are... 

  • Scared
  • Freaked out about money
  • Feeling like you are never enough 
  • Under the assumption you need to do and be more to matter
  • Living in the grind every week and month 

This episode is for you. 

If you want to see two women and friends thriving, centered, and fully embodying an awakened life, this episode is for you too. :) Enjoy, my sweet! 

Do you love Laurel as much as I do? Did you want this conversation to keep going? 

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I am sending you big love and permission to explore your own radical awakening. What would you like to bring alive in yourself? Where does the word abundance sit with you? Let me know below, and Laurel and I will both chime right back. And who knows, we may record another conversation together. ;)

Xoxo, Rach