All is Calm, All is Bright


Merry Christmas, my sweet, sweet friends.

I hope wherever you are, you are resting in love, feeling centered, even if the sugar is fully present, and you’re exhaling into the simplest form of joy which is love.

I hope you’re letting people hug you longer, allowing them be the ones to let go first, lingering in the space of presence.

I hope you’re saying what’s on your heart and you’re letting yourself be seen — opening presents face and all.

The ooh’s and the ahh’s and the soul-joy crescendo of receiving exactly what you wished for.

But most of all, I hope your being is radiating and buzzing with gratitude and grace for feeling the intent behind the gift.

What an absolute present it is to be thought of with such consideration:

A person who loves you,
Stroking the covers of the books,
Rubbing the scarf or sweater between their fingers,
Smelling each candle and knowing just the one for you with a single inhale.
Or scanning and scrolling for something meaningful and having it shipped directly to you this year.

Whatever is in the box isn’t even the gift.

The absolute focused consideration and heartfelt generosity to trade those precious dollars for you. To exchange that kind of wealth for your joy. For your smile. For your heart’s expansion.

Do you have tears? Because I do.

Our Christmas today has been so fun. So easy. So loving. I hope you can feel my joy for getting to be in your life, even through this screen.

It is a GIFT for me to be connected and growing through the ins and outs of life, love, motherhood, and business, together, with you.

I treasure you, every day, and especially today.

Just in case you’re in the mood….

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