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Wondering. Can you have baby-fever when you still have a baby?? This post is giving me all the feels.

Photo by Amber Lilyestrom

Photo by Amber Lilyestrom

Preparing for our first little one, lovingly known as #babycamfield, was a special time, indeed. I knew I wanted the room to feel elegant and whimsical, all while being gender neutral. I have always loved clean lines but will opt for a pom-pom or tassel any day. I envisioned the room being calming, a little quirky (see hedgehog sheets below), and classic. We chose to not find out if we were having a boy or girl, and I loved this decision so much; it put our focus on the new person coming and that they were a baby, either way.

Newborn photos by Amy Nicole Photography

Newborn photos by Amy Nicole Photography

Where to begin

I had moments of feeling overwhelmed with where to start. After all, our nursery was something that I dreamed of for so long, and now it was finally here. I indulged my every desire to tear out magazine pictures and pour over Pinterest, filling my mind with ideas. When it was time to put all of those mental sketches into a plan, here's what ended up working out best for me: I created an album on my phone that I called "Nursery Board". This way I could combine real photos of items we were looking to buy or had purchased, I could pop in inspirations, and I could also move the photos around.

Here's a peek at my "Nursery Board" album

Here's a peek at my "Nursery Board" album


Shopping in person

My mother-in-law and I spent a day shopping at Green Front in Farmville, VA for the rocker, rug, and dresser (also to use as the changing table). Space in our nursery is tight, so we planned and measured to be sure everything would fit well but with enough space to move around and not feel jam-packed. 

A tip if you're going to create a nursery board album on your phone and you're a visual nerd like me: Take pictures of yourself standing with and sitting on the furniture. This way you can see the scale, and you can also put yourself in the vision to see if it's what you're going to love in real life. Shopping online, and even in stores, can sometimes get me hyped up on something that's maybe better suited for another style or space. This was as close as I could get to literally trying out the furniture in the room so there were no surprises once that big, white furniture truck was parked outside of our house. 

The Crib

Rachel Camfield crib

Where the baby would eventually sleep was very important to me. I researched many styles and kinds of cribs, wanting something that could be passed on to future babes once this little one was a kiddo. We picked out our crib from the late and beloved Land of Nod (now known as Crate and Kids). I wanted it to have a European feel, be made of solid wood and also manufactured in the United States. We ended up going with a solid maple crib of theirs that was made in North Carolina. We had three full walls to choose from for where the crib would go since the closet for the room is located in the hallway, and one of the walls has a dormer window and the cozy ceiling line that goes along with that. I loved the idea of the crib nestled right under the low angle of the ceiling, and that's exactly where we put it.

I didn’t worry for a second about things matching, like the wood of the crib and the tables, because I love different textures and colors that work together.

The Changing Table

Rachel Camfield Joanna Gaines dresser

There are many wonderful options for the changing table like dressers and individual tables with open shelves. As I've mentioned space, I knew something with deep drawers would work best for us so I could maximize the vertical storage and use the whole top for the changing pad. I was tempted to go with a longer dresser, but knew it would eat the entire wall up. I opted instead for a shorter piece and went with a rolling rack to store all of the supplies and other baby necessities. I didn't worry for a second about things matching, like the wood of the crib and the tables, because I love different textures and colors that work together. I fell in love with a slightly distressed, white painted line of furniture by Joanna Gaines. It had character and charm but wasn't too feminine paired with the simple maple crib. I wanted to try something different and put the mobile over the changing table so that baby would have something fun to look at when we were changing diapers. It has worked really well for us! Barnes quickly began to look up and watch it dance and spin as I learned how to put his diapers on.

The Rocker

I knew I would be sitting in this chair for many minutes, hours, and moments, and I've been right. This chair has probably rocked hundreds of miles and has many more to go. I was on the search for something pretty but practical. I knew this would be the piece that really tied the room together and gave the overall mood and feel. Lines were important, not too boxy or round but still sweet. I wanted a fabric that would wear well and that I wouldn't worry too much about if spit up landed on it. Live-able, so important. When shopping, I realized I liked the arms to be higher and the back tall enough so I could rest my head. I also envisioned this chair being used later in our home once nursery days were over. Brian and I were really excited to invest in this piece along with the dresser. We went with a slipcovered rocker by Four Seasons that glides and swivels. It's been so perfect for us, and the fact we can launder its upholstery is just a cherry on top. For feet propping, I picked up an easy, breezy faux fur pouf that could be moved around or tucked away.


Come on in for the nursery tour


Sources, as close as possible, are linked below. Ask me about anything if you're not sure! A nursery is a place for the family to fall in love in. My memories will be filled with the hours I've nurtured and fed Barnes in this room. It's cradled me just as much as him. If you're in the midst of planning for your first or second or third baby, I pray this post has been helpful and inspiring for you. There's no right way to love your baby, just your way.

Invite in what you really want

One last little bitski of advice: If you are registering or having showers, I encourage you to register for what you really want. We were so blessed to receive some of our favorite things from the people who love us. It feels like they are part of creating our family, and I lovingly think of them, and thank them when I use or look at their gifts.

With so much love, rach.

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