The Rachel Camfield Show Episode 5: Bitter Roots


Well, hello there! Y'all know I typically post on Friday mornings after a week of creating, working, living, growing, and honestly, fudging up at times. That's where so much of my learning comes from, at least.

Today, we are diving in to a topic that I just couldn't wait to post until Friday, especially with an up-close-and-personal holiday only one day away. 

If you're a little nervous about your pashmina getting tangled up with an old hurt over a goblet of cider, then this one is for you. 

Today's episode covers a topic that can come up in family, in business, in relationships - really, wherever people are involved: Bitter Roots. (Grab your cute helmet!) 

What the heck do you do with them? We all have them come up in “our garden” from time to time. 

Join me as we go through my steps and process and as I send some inner peace straight to your heart. 

Let's dive into the episode! 

This episode is perfect for anyone...

  • Sensing a “bitter root” in a relationship or in a situation
  • Seeking inner peace
  • Wanting to connect with the inner wisdom of your body
  • Interested in conflict resolution 

show notes: 

Teal Necklace: J. Crew

My Favorite Pearl Earrings

Mock Neck Top: Anthropologie

My Glow

Richmond Pillow