Blooming Live


Happy Monday! And happy February 6th. One year ago today, Amber Lilyestrom and I came together and created our first live event for women who wanted to come home to themselves and their brands. We called it | consciously cultivating a life & brand you love.

The day was glistening and shimmering from a fresh New Hampshire snow. It was my first trip to New Hampshire (1 of 3 that would happen in the year!), and I was just so thrilled to be there. Part of me felt like maybe I had mixed things up or my wires were crossed. Why? Because I *just* started my coaching, consulting, and design business and didn't think I was possibly ready to speak live! 

But here's the thing - we both agreed that if not now, then when? 

We set up a few video meetings and pow-wowed through the weeks leading up to it, but we didn't overextend. We didn't cirque du soleil ourselves to over and out-perform. We decided to simply show up and shine. 

We also worked closely with the incredible Jen Desrosiers and her wonderful team at Laney & Lu and crafted a 5-senses experience including a decadent tea bar, light bites of vibrant flavors and vegetables, and cozy smells that naturally came from the kitchen. There were bistro lights, the kind that make you think of a jubilant outdoor wedding or a night under the stars. We embellished flat, gray Moleskin journals with gold and bronze calligraphy. We hired the amazing Lauren Bodwell for photos and individual head shots for each attendee.

We traveled with crystals, fresh tulips, and our hearts on our sleeves through a fiery sunset and into downtown Exeter, NH. Taking one last selfie before we got out of the car. We held the moment in front of us, prayed for clarity and grace, and went in together. 

What happened next was a divinely guided experience of seed to stalk, to bud to bloom, a rebirth for a sold-out audience, ready and wanting to deepen the connection to their roots and fellow sisters.

Amber and I volleyed back and forth. We held space for each other. We teed up the takeaways for one another like the precious sentiments they were,  wanting to freely give them to each other. When the night was over, we drove through the black of the night with the moon beaming down through the moonroof, singing as loud as we could at the top of our lungs.

We did it!

It was enriching. It was liberating. It was terrifying. And it was magic! 

I wholeheartedly take my hands to prayer pose in front of my chest and bow to you for showing up in your life - whether you're seeking, going out on the limb in your career, crafting a life of harmony, or standing up for what you believe in.

I breathe life into the way you choose to live your life when no one is watching. 

You are blooming and growing and wilting and exploding (did you know that seeds have an explosion?) in your own beautiful cycle. Trust it and lean into the places that feel good. Share exactly from where you are. And always remember you are being divinely guided as a soul and spirit here on a sacred path with a lifetime of journeys and gifts tucked within you. 

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With so much admiration and love for you - thank YOU for being here! xx, Rachel


*All beautiful, professional images by Lauren Bodwell Photography