Busy is not a badge.


Happy Sunday! Thanks for coming over to the blog. Could today be any more beautiful? I have all of the windows open. I've rearranged some furniture (wink, I'm feeling much better.)

I've spent the last four-ish days completely out-of-the-loop with being sick. (I highly recommend it! The out-of-the-loop part.) My heart and soul have never been happier. Note to self: I'm going to be carving "Do Nothing" days in my schedule every month. New priority for me. I'm also going to be asking Brian for more help. He's really awesome at it. And I rock at being helped.

Simple and perhaps silly to some. But I'm still unlearning that busy is not a badge. 

I've fully recovered from the flu in case you're wondering what's been ailing me. It came out of left field, but I trusted my body and went with the flow. 

Among the open windows, one tiny load of laundry going downstairs, and me wearing a pair workout shorts and top instead of my pajamas and bathrobe, this is a stellar Sunday. A few things that are making my life particularly beautiful today: the spring in the air, my rested heart and soul, the sight that is our backyard. It's covered with a carpet of purple and green delicate crocuses. We may live in the city, but natural elements are all around.

Being sick, blooming flowers, seasons happening right outside my window kind of have a lot to do with one another. They all circle around true nature. The true nature of things. The true nature of me. The true nature of each and every one of us.

When any kind of distraction and disconnect occurs, what happens? (Think busy, overwhelmed, stressed out, over committed, in a lack mentality.) I will speak for myself. I push. I force. I strive. I prove. I exert unnatural effort. My awareness has grown so much around this, and I am doing better choosing wisely, but it still happens. 

Here's the key: I am disconnected. And y'all. This is OK. This is part of being human. We get sick. We do too much. We don't rest quite enough. To me though, the true beauty is in the gain. The gain of insight like I am sharing today. A gain in choosing to go left instead of go right if that's been your thing. Any new kind of awareness or understanding that is a result of the outcome, is a win in my book. 

Let's focus for a moment on the actions above that occur during times of distraction and disconnect - like being very productive, doing the hashtag hustle, etc. They are good and even necessary in healthy doses, but too much will make us sick. Most of us have been conditioned to believe more is better and have come to believe over-producing and over-performing is actually the normal amount OR what successful people do. Friend, I have never felt more successful than I do right now. 

Draw your attention to your intuition, to listening inside. What does your heart need right now? Reconnect with your true nature and have respect for your glorious "do nothing days" - you are actually doing quite a lot. 

If you're feeling more aligned and relaxed after reading this, you may want to join my upcoming four-week free group coaching experience. Click here to sign up. We have a beautiful group forming. Sending you light and love on this sunshine-y day. I can tell you I wouldn't be appreciating it as much if I didn't have the contrast of gray. 

Xo, Rach