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A Mother's Work in the World

Well, I missed the last two days of writing and sharing, but in a way, the absence of my work here is the impetus for today's wisdom and words. Barnes is changing. It's a reminder to me we are all changing, all the time, even once we've grown up, are adulting, and have things like jobs, and worries, and these pieces of paper that come once a month in the mail called bills (a.k.a. blessings already received.) I have moments of deeply missing my writing, coaching, and plan-making…

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My Birth Story

On December 12th, I became a mother. A parent. A partner. And a goddess. My husband and I had been dreaming of this birth-day all year. We couldn’t wait to find out who was being knit together inside me and to finally meet him or her, our surprise baby. Our bags had been packed for a couple weeks. The house was cozy and clean. (Seriously, I joked that if I swept, vacuumed, mopped or cleaned one more time, layers of varnish would start to peel off the wood floors and the rugs would start to fall apart.) Every detail was ready for this special soul and our new family to begin. We enjoyed the first snow of the year together, and felt the magic of seeing our world blanketed in white, ushering in the dark and cozy winter season. Excitement and blessings were everywhere.

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The light will not be contained.

You will most always see me smiling. It's something that makes me feel better. It invites love in. It says, “You are welcome here." It's not about pretending everything is perfect. To me, it’s a beautiful banner of triumph. But earlier this week, if you peeked into my window in the soft morning light, you would see me laying on my little love seat with Wally, our toy poodle, in our reading room, snuggled under a blanket, tears coming down my face (as Wally did everything to keep up with licking them away.)...

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