Closing the loop... What have you been carrying for the last 19 years?


Anyone else feeling all the feels today? 🙋🏼 I woke up with gusto and crashed fast which resulted in what I like to call a "morning nap". 🌝 One hour later, I stretched back awake (for a second time) and popped open my email to a beautiful lineup of my soul sisters sharing about today's lunar eclipse. Ah, makes sense.

My fave go-to for all things moons and planets is Jennifer Racioppi. I devour every one of her words, and there, nested in my inbox was a huge whoosh of a revelation: today's eclipse (happening this afternoon at 2:10 pm EST) is bringing the last 19 years into focus. Closing the loop. Completing the circle.

Holy moley. I texted Brian from downstairs a few of my favorite lines that just seemed to click and make perfect sense from our morning chat we'd just had earlier about business, motherhood, and goals.

19 years ago, y'all... Where were you and who were you in the world?

I was 9 years old, getting ready to turn 10. I'll never forget a neighbor jokingly wagging a finger at me and saying "dooooubleee digits for the rest of your life". For some reason that just stuck, and even at the time, I took it more like an invitation than a threat.

I was quirky and in 3rd grade. I wrote my first book then (really!) I was into art and making things, and I had reaaaaaallly big dreams for my future. In fact, I'm living the life today I dreamed back then. But today's eclipse is about endings.

What's been carried that will be over today from 19 years ago?

This beautiful shirt by my friend Kimmy at Drift Design Co. says it all for me: Love is spoken here. What's ending for me is operating on a daily basis from survival and fear. Saying harsh words to hurt or make a point. Feeling afraid and like there's never enough because of one person's choices and actions from many moons ago. Running from pain and hiding to try to feel better, even for just a short while. Soldiering on and going it on my own because that’s what I thought strength looked like.

Unpeeling the layers is a lifelong process, but I am here to tell you, you can do it. You can take the pain from your past, your childhood, a disappointment, a sticky place, and you can reinvent it into love and understanding and new growth, that honestly, wouldn’t have the same power if it didn’t come from your depths.

I'm going to share some of Jenn's suggestions here to activate this full moon lunar eclipse magic. (This is straight from her email - sign up, you won't regret it!)

  1. Honor your past.

    Look back 19 years ago, and get clear on what chapter of your life is now coming full circle. Once you have a clear sense of this, consider doing something to honor it. Thank your journey, and release any attachment to the story that began in August of 1998. You may even want to burn something related to that period to free yourself energetically from karma at that time. For those of you still in your twenties, look at your early childhood years and see what pattern emerged then that is coming full circle now. And, if you are a teenager, consider what was going on in your Mom's life then, that might be relevant to you now. :)

  2. Cultivate unshakable self-respect.

    Since this this a lunar eclipse in Aquarius, it's essential to conjure a strong sense of self-respect. Connect to the core of your truth, and honor your journey up until now. Aquarius is a sign that represents nonconformity and rebellion. Now is the time to accept your truth with confidence.

  3. Look for patterns.

    Start to identify where you are holding yourself back. Go deeper: notice where you are holding yourself back because you feel like you need to conform to other people’s definition of success. Then make a conscious decision to move forward in the direction of your heart's truest desire. When nightfall comes, go stand outside under the full moon and make a promise to the cosmos to move in the direction of your highest good and solicit divine support in the process.

  4. Hold a sacred ceremony.

    Build an altar, and consciously connect with the forces of magic. Honor the elements: earth, air, fire, and water. Honor the directions: north, south, east, and west. Call on your angels and guides, and speak your truth. Invite in auspicious magic.

  5. Get grounded.

    Put two feet on the ground, walk barefoot, hug a tree, and stay connected to planet Earth. Remember, connecting to nature is therapeutic and can help us feel a sense of stability in an otherwise turbulent world.

Over to you

What's coming to an end? Are you maybe just realizing it today like me? Let me know if I can help or support you in your life or brand by signing up for a complimentary calirty call with me.