Coming Soon! Women Supporting Women Interview Series


Have you ever had a dream that's so detailed it's just a matter of picking up the phone, pen, laptop and making it happen? 

I call these kinds of dreams downloads because I can effortlessly see what I need to do. It's like my feet are planted on the top of a mountain, and I am gazing out and can see the tips of every tree and twist and turn of the landscape that lies ahead and below me.

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My latest creative vision and direction presented itself to me just like this. I don't remember the exact day I knew I wanted to do this interview series in 2015, but I had the name, feeling, and mission appear to me in an instant. I carried the idea for a while, like a seed, and then one cool, early morning recently, I woke up and knew exactly what I was ready to do. 

Women Supporting Women Interview Series

Women Supporting Women is intended to share wisdom. It's a pulse on the constant, loving beat of creativity, expansion, feminine wisdom and beauty, legacy, transformation, and professional inspiration.

My mission is to expand horizons with the beautiful work in the world of my favorite women, sharing their words and connecting you to them, plain and simple.

I've been, and will continue to be, thirsty for inspirational connections to lighten my loads, make me laugh, and help me grow to my next levels. Being motivated by someone else's journey and path and learning from them has given me the permission to live the life I have intentionally created, and I never want to stop growing and being inspired by others.

I would like to begin sharing these soul sisters with you because if there's one thing I know for sure, we are so much stronger together, and together, we can do anything, including bringing and spreading light as far and wide as our collective imagination can hold.

Without further, ado, welcome to Women Supporting Women. The first interview will be going live very soon! For now, I invite you to open your heart to anything you've been carrying like a seed and offer it to the light when it's ready. Who knows what will grow? Let's rise, sisters. 

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With love,