The Rachel Camfield Show Episode 2: Defining Moments


I can sometimes think, "How did I get here?" Here to my cozy home. My cherished marriage. My joyful work. My deep relationships. I've spent a good portion of my life energetically in survival mode. Shades of unworthiness can creep in and try to tell me it was luck or good timing. Or something like that. 

But this I know. You are moving the needle in your life. Each choice - every decision - is moving you closer or further away to your vision. (tweet) And most of the time, it looks like tiny, tiny steps.

Today's episode features an awesome viewer topic request. (You can send me your very own request here.) I loved this question and getting to reflect on some very pivotal moments in my personal life, career path, and childhood. 

Kelsey from North Carolina writes, "I would really like to know the defining moments in your life that led to choosing to pursue your creative side - whether big or small."

Kelsey, little did you know that your question is a defining moment for me. Thank you, dear friend. Let's jump into today's show. 

This episode is perfect for anyone...

  • Who desires outer life and inner life alignment.
  • Committed to a lifestyle or path of personal development.
  • Who's interested in what my creative/entrepreneurial path has looked like. 
  • Who wants to become a part of a new world and be a part of the conversation - maybe not just consume content but create it. 
  • Who wants to know about my homemade fall chai tea lattes!