Discovering Your Brand


What a wild, amazing, and full moon kinda week it's been! How are you and helllooo. Last month, I had the absolute honor, privilege, and gift to open and train at a leadership conference in Phoenix, Arizona. I was speaking to a room filled with 150 top-level entrepreneurs and managers, and was delivering a 30-minute training about discovering your brand and coming home to yourself. 

The unique thing about this audience was that we were highly focused on the personal brand within the context of a larger brand. 

I know you may be thinking, "Who am I to have a personal brand?" This is completely normal, and 10 years ago, it was not on the forefront in conversation or in the palms of our hands for the majority of us.

But the cool thing about your personal brand is that it's highly valuable, and if you decide to build it and use it for business, blogging, or networking, it's kind of like you are getting paid to be yourself. 

I totally dig it (this is coming from a gal who had hot pink monogram Crane calling cards in college), and feel like we are on the brink of even more entrepreneurs entering the online world. I don't say this to create a feeling of scarcity, rather the opposite. Let us all come forward and shine, feel polished, and be the smart business women of our own empires. 

Click to download Defining Your Brand with Rachel Camfield worksheet

I hope you enjoy my training! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below, and I will get right back to you. If you would like to download the worksheet I designed and for the training, click here. I'm happy to share and spread the authentic branding love.

Xo! Rach

The cool thing about your personal brand, is it's highly valuable.