Our Exciting News!

Photo by Amber Lilyestrom

Photo by Amber Lilyestrom


When I type "Exciting News!" I have to say that it feels trite; it’s hard to share good news when there is blatant injustice and heartbreak happening to families, but here’s what I know. Lying down on the floor overcome and overpowered by the helplessness is not what breaks chains.

We Are Better Together

It’s families coming together. Talking about change around our own tables. Women rising up using every single gift God has given us in our divine beings. To serve. To love. To extend a hand, share a hug, tend to another mama’s babe, bring life and love into our homes, grow businesses and careers of all sizes, make HUGE freaking waves for GOOD and use our beautiful voices!

That... that takes getting up. That takes action and effort and heart and moving and climbing and getting back up over and over again.

Being the change we wish to see in the world is going to look different for every person. For me, that looks like helping others and honoring my own inner voice. I’ve always been able to hear her (that doesn’t mean I’ve always listened.) I grew up knowing how to connect deep within and somehow know my own answers. I now help clients and audiences of all shapes and sizes do this important and brave work, too. It’s an exciting journey living this way.

But the true honor and joy for me is in the togetherness. Having time to spend with the people I love and enjoy. Over the last 2.5 years I’ve built 2 incredible businesses with the help of wonderful clients, mentors, friends, business partners, lots of books and live events, and investing in myself. I've been taking care of my “temple”, chopping my wood and carrying my water. I’ve had to simplify a lot, and get clear on what matters to me.

The Person Who Stands By My Side

The person who has been by my side, cheering me on, building his own incredible career as a Head Golf Professional, Teaching Pro, Operations Manager (and lots of other hats golf pros wear but maybe aren’t super well known for!) has been my husband, Brian.

He’s hard working. He’s funny. He’s so kind. He’s grounded. He had so many gifts that I do not innately begin at the start line with. (And that's a really good thing!)

We like to joke and say he is the ground and, I am the sky. That’s just always how it’s been with us.

Good Things Grow In Love

The Camfield Family Partnership

The Camfield Family Partnership

As our family has grown, so has our desire to collaborate. To really bring the magic of us as a partnership to the forefront.

So in my health and wellness business, that’s exactly what we’re doing. Brian is joining my business as my partner!

To say I’m thrilled — getting to do behind the scenes stuff, supporting our team, sharing his unique gifts, and showing our son what a family business of the future looks like, is putting it lightly.

What We Believe

We believe in living and loving well. Taking care of ourselves. Simplifying and elevating everyday choices so that together we can shine and serve at our brightest in all the things we love to do and be.

If you’re wondering, from the outside looking in, not much will change. I will still be at the helm of my businesses and our family and Brian will still be deepening and growing his career as a golf pro. But from a heart and soul place, it feels brand new. To declare we’re in this together — to ride the highs, the lows, and serve others.

You're Invited!

If you’re in the Richmond area, we’d love to have you over to our home this Sunday! We’ll be having an open house from 10-2. A time for connection, curiosity, and casual conversation. And yes. Barnes will be there!

So Much Gratitude

Thank you to every single one of you who has worked with us and elevated your life with shopping with us or growing your own business. We can't wait for all that's to come, together.

With Love,

Rachel, Brian, and Barnes