TRCS Episode 13: Fear vs. Dreams


Earlier this week, I realized I was living out my exact dream. It caught me in one of those regular, everyday moments. I was onsite for a client photo and video shoot. I was going on a quick lunch run to Chipotle. There was a feeling of snow in the air.

As my right hand dialed in a fun song on the radio and my left hand guided the wheel, I looked down and caught a little golden glimmer. I was wearing the tiny band from Brian (the special one, handmade in the Outer Banks, that I picked out for Christmas). My bright orange wallet was plopped in my lap. I started smiling. I was having so much fun helping birth this amazing client's vision into existence.

Happy. That's exactly what this moment was. 

The part of me that knows how scary this whole risk has been - leaving my full-time job, starting my own company, jumping and waiting for the net to appear - drew in a deep sigh and imagined the moments like the one above... never happening. Bags and satchels stuffed with creativity, a tripod, tools of the trade, an apron with pockets, people that care and who are amazing at who they are and what they do. What if this moment never happened? What if all of the beauty, clarity, and empowerment never even had a chance to exist? 

It pulls at my heart and cracks me wide open to know how many talents, God-given gifts, and extraordinary people spend life waiting to feel ready. 

Y'all. I still don't feel ready. Post, LIVE, send, reply, quick start... It's all one thought away from not happening. Or maybe me getting to it later. The only difference between who I am now and who I was 5 years ago? I decided. I felt certain I didn't want to keep living my life like someday, sometime, when I'm ready.

Guess what? It's working. And there's nothing magical about it. It's tiny ripples. It's following an idea. It's asking for help. It's investing in myself. It's greeting fear and understanding that it's not going anywhere. 

Today's show goes a little deeper into the beauty of the present moment and the season we are in. It delves into the vision I had for Carriage House. It sheds a little light on the possibility we all have growing under the surface or within the bud. Let's jump into today's show!

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Save your seat here

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