Feeling the Love from All Sides


I woke up and sat in bed while Brian got ready for his day. There is a new lightness now as he passed his PGA Level 2 test (go, baby!!) yesterday. I did the thing where I said, "can I tell you something?" (of course I can - childhood habit to still ask.) I then went on to say how this is the happiest I've ever felt and been on a Valentine's Day. ever. 

There's no earthquake-sized event that is happening. It's a simple and quiet day ahead of me, but my inside might as well be brand new. It is amazing to wake up and feel happy. Excited. Honored. Grateful. Safe. Understood. And seen. 

I began my personal growth journey 13 years ago deeply knowing one day I wanted to exist exactly like this.

I was 15 and knew to my core I was the only one who had the responsibility and power to change my life. I knew I had to put myself in the path of people and professionals that could help me break free from the circumstances that I felt trapped and scared by. 

I'm only ever one thought away from remembering and feeling each breath of indecision, fear, and desire I've had in my life. I've carried them all of the years. Of wanting my life to mean something. Wanting to help. Wanting to serve others with my god-given blessings and gifts. To not feel abandoned by my deepest insights and intuitions. To spread my wings by simply being myself. 

Today is Valentine's Day, but it is also one of the truest heart days. You can feel home in your heart. This I know to be true. 

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To coming home,