TRCS Episode 10: Finding Your Alignment


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You guys! Episode 10. Pinch me. When I started the show a little over 2 months ago, I was determined to just go for it. To stop waiting for perfection - use my iPhone instead of a flashy video camera, film from my every day office and not a staged and styled backdrop, you get the idea.

The day I decided to just do it.

The day I decided to just do it.

*If you know the artist for this piece, please tell me. I would love to credit them!

*If you know the artist for this piece, please tell me. I would love to credit them!

My shift happened when I realized that when I first started watching and listening to videos a few years ago while working around the house, exercising, all that good stuff, I actually loved the videos that felt most real. They were approachable and inviting, serving as a way for me to feed my mind and making me feel a little less alone while working from home and traveling solo often.

I can't tell you how much I love having you in my cozy office space now. Hanging out, growing together, and celebrating with lots of fun and real ah-ha's amidst the seasons and life.

Today's show is kinda groovy because I'm talking about something that affects us all.

Call it a bad mood, being grumpy, or just not feeling like yourself - we all have these moments, but I've come to learn that when I am all of the above (and more, trust me) I'm out of alignment. My soul, spirit, emotions, and body just aren't on the same page.

We're middle of the month in January as we speak, so you've possibly reflected on what has worked and maybe didn’t work in the last year, and you know what you want to experience and accomplish this year. But let's face it, all of the reflection can be overwhelming, and I know popping out of flow and alignment happens for me more frequently when I am feeling challenged or spread thin. 

Do you know what your magical moments of flow feel like?

For me, I feel really awesome. Things just roll off my back and resistance is down and ease and abundance are high. Knowing what does feel like flow/alignment and what doesn't helps me to understand where I am in the cycle of all of it.

I've solidified my 3 steps for getting back into it, usually when I need it most so let's jump into today's show!

I'd love to know...

What do your most flow-filled and aligned moments feel like for you?

Is it when you are doing something in particular or when you're with certain people? I'm always expanding my list of feel-good to do's. Let me know in the comments below.


*I'm so excited for my new free shop. It's one way I want to show my true appreciation for you and make the world a more beautiful and hope-filled place. Enjoy! 

*I've also been digging listening to new friend, Reina Pomeroy's My Creative Empire Podcast. Check it out here.






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