The Rachel Camfield Show Episode 8: Great Expectations


Welcome, sweet friend. How are you today? Honest moment. Do you ever come into the holiday season, or Christmas, or a celebration with a set of expectations or a picture in your mind of how you want the holiday to go? You know, the breakfast, opening the presents.

It’s kind of like this snapshot. You’ve prepared and you’ve thought about it. You play it a few times over in your mind. The anticipation and reality of it is real.

But maybe it doesn’t look or feel like the picture in your mind when it actually happens. Sometimes a wash of disappointment or even sadness can roll in, and perhaps you keep saying to yourself that things will be different “next year”. 

Today I am sharing a personal story from this week that stopped me in my tracks of "more, more, more." I invite you to savor +  s l o w  with me. And fully embody that presence might be your best present this year. 

I don’t have a million presents for people, but I do have my presence for people. (Tweet it.) Let's jump into the show!

Today's episode is perfect for anyone...

  • Who's ready to do the holidays differently this year.
  • Who wants to feel free to be.
  • Looking for a cozy and soft place to land.

show notes: 

Tangerine Fitbit

Teal Fringe Sweater: Anthro

White Detailed Dress/Top: TJ Maxx


over to you!

How do you want to feel this holiday season? Share in the comments below and I will cheer you on.