Has this ever happened to you? I have a gift to help you through.


Has this ever happened to you: You’re getting ready to head of town for a few days or something out of the ordinary is popping onto your schedule. You start feeling hammy jammy about the details, moving parts, and you begin to put an insane amount of pressure on yourself. 

Suddenly, the fun, exciting thing is causing more stress than fun or excitement, and you’re left secretly scrambling behind the scenes, saying a little prayer of gratitude that no one else ever sees you like this.

I have a confession. This used to totally be ME (and still sometimes is.) But I know I'm not alone. 

This weekend I am heading to the mountains for an incredible and inspiring leadership retreat with my mentoring team, and I was having a morning download session with my bestie (the kind where we're just so real, getting into each and every detail.)

I said that I could feel the old, pressure-y stress oozing in under the door crack, but that by seeing it coming, I could stop and ask myself how I wanted to feel. This is a powerful practice I use to recenter myself. It takes awareness and vulnerability to call in the awesome power of mindfulness. 

When I asked myself (this includes asking my wise, physical body, my intuition, and higher power) how I wanted to feel she answered... "playful and expansive." (See how that's the opposite of stressed, reactive, and contracted?) 

Suddenly, the whole day seemed to open up and stretch out in front of me. The same thing happened for my friend, too. Vulnerability and willingness saved the day, but here's what also swooped in: the true nature of who we are. 

Here’s the truth, “You can’t love yourself if you’re not being yourself.” -from our heart-to-heart convo

This true nature piece is not a first place prize or a badge. One person's way isn't better than another's, it’s simply an understanding which turns into your greatest tool. 

By embracing your true nature, you're able to start with both feet solidly planted on the ground.

The jittery shuffle and flitty dance steps don't have a place on the floor because you know exactly where you are operating from.

It's a huge gift to help friends, clients, and people I love navigate to this place of inner wisdom and empowerment. The only way I know how to get there is that in my life, relationships, and career,  I've carved my own path through vines and thick leaves to get to the other side. 

Owning a business, creating and operating a brand, and being in each and every kind of relationship is a lot like this. After countless conversations, I've whittled down to the core of how to get to this place, and I made a workbook page of the process I've been taking myself and others through.

It's free and is my gift. You’re welcome to print off as many as you like to use once a week, once a month, or like a pinch hitter if you’re feeling like you’re just stuck in the mud. 

My favorite way to work through the workbook page is to make a little ritual out of it:

  • Mindfully prepare a special beverage in a beautiful glass or mug - something that feels like a treat.
  • Cue up a soul whispering playlist.
  • Put your phone on do not disturb for 30 mins.
  • Just dive in with yourself.

It’s amazing what speaks when the space is there to safely emerge. 

You've probably noticed things looking a little different and new around here! I had my website all spiffed up to feel even more welcoming to you, like a little piece of my couch with a cozy blanket where we can sit and have a heart-to-heart. 

Are you feeling called to dive deeper with my support into your life, business, or brand? Apply for a complimentary clarity call with me today.

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Learn more about it here.  

It’s an honor to serve you, and it’s my gift to speak to and lead the daring space in your heart. I’m so happy to live in a world where we get to grow, from our true natures, together. 

With peace, love, and beauty from the mountains,