How My Husband Changed My Life


Do you believe in magic? I do. When Brian and I first met, after being blindly introduced by the most amazing couple, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. Soul recognition. Fate. Angels. A gift from above. It all was right there. 

This man. He is my whole heart and has taught me more about broken and healed than anyone else. Why? Because he has held me at my most broken, and he has cheered for me at my most healed. Broken and healed - it is a real combination. It changes things. It changed me.

For many of us, there is a blurred line between our private and public lives. Social media. Your brand. I get it. But I’m a lifetime hope dealer, and in my mess is my message: I believe in change. To this day, the most read blog post I have ever written was the hardest one for me to share. I refuse to tell my beloved clients and audience that transformation is possible without shining a light on my own experiences.

When I decided to dive underneath the surface of 14 years of binging, numbing, and running from the things that scared me the most and made me wildly uncomfortable, my husband never left my side. He made tea with me. He thought of new ideas of things for us to go and do together. He encouraged me to keep rocking my businesses and attend conferences that moved my heart and mind closer to the kind of woman and leader I want to be.

I am in a constant state of practicing. It's like yoga to me: I bring my mat. I show up. I give it what I have. I own how far I can go (always keeping child's pose just a breath away). I truly believe that glimmers of truth, whether that's in the surrender of a pose or saying to one person "Hey, I so don't got this. Can you pray for me?" give each one of us the permission to explore our own deep knowings.

In one of my favorite books, On Fire by John O’Leary, he shares the words of Henri Nouwen “...Anyone trying to live a spiritual life will soon discover that the most personal is the most universal, the most hidden is the most public…" I keep finding that out, and my husband keeps helping me. 

Who is supporting you in your life? The people within our four walls of home can be the most influential, if we let them. 

Sending love out to all the brave ones and the hearts who love them dearly,