Introducing Barnes Camfield


I am joy-filled to officially introduce to you our son, Barnes Camfield over here on the blog! If you've read my birth story, you know that he was born on a day filled with all kinds of intensity and magic; take for example his birthday, 12/12. You know that my birth took me to my lowest and highest points. You know that I am changed now on the other side of things. Maybe you learned something new about me; maybe something was reinforced. 

But this post is about Barnes. 

Barnes, quite simply put, is wonderful. He is cheerful, jolly, chill, sweet, snuggly (holy snuggles!). He's even PATIENT. Imagine that, a patient baby. (Pretty sure he gets that from his papa. Seriously. Brian is the most naturally patient person I have ever met or known!)

He's STRONG. So darn strong, like-thrust-himself-from-your-arms strong if you're not holding on securely enough. He is outspoken when he wants to be. He is observant other times. He's steady. He's really not in much of a rush. I kind of love him. Just a little bit ;) 

Please say hello...

Today, we are actually celebrating 3 months of Barnes. 3 whole months! New parenthood is lovely and hard, another post for another day. Barnes, buddy. Sweetie, my darling. I am so proud of you. Your courageous and special heart already shine so brightly from you. I am honored to be your momma and tend to your every single need. It is my aching delight. And... I know you were meant for me, and I was meant for you.


These are just some of my favorite photographs from our newborn photoshoot with the incredible Amy Nichole. It was a delight working with Amy. If you are looking for legacy-inspired photography, look no further. I can't reccomend her enough! (And it was really neat because we were sweet Amy's final clients before she had her first baby, too. A girl!)