Letting yourself be loved.


Earlier this week I was enjoying a hot bath. It was a delicious pause from the swirl of my day. As I relaxed and sunk in a little deeper, I thought about the tendency to jump into the next thing, to resist help - soldiering on until the feeling of readiness and safety dominates the hesitation to let someone else in.

That old muscle that only wants to strategize for a plan.

Image via  Lauren Conrad

Image via Lauren Conrad

Then I thought about the water. I had put a scoop of my favorite bath salts in the bottom of the tub. The early evening light was low. I was completely enjoying myself. I think we all know how water makes us feel: Held, supported, as if we're in a hammock, folded into the feeling of just being.

I thought about the people in my life who make me feel this way. The ones who rush in over and over. The ones who show up even when I don't know I need them yet. The ones who just want to be a part of my world because they love me. And then I thought about the reason I have so many incredible hearts to think of: Because I've let them in. I've let myself be loved. I've received and accepted. 

My world is the brightest it's ever been because of allowing.

Image via  Susanna April

Image via Susanna April

It's easy to feel like you don't want to put anyone out, ask, or take too much. But friend, we each have an awful lot to give. It is such a joy of my life to give love to others. I know I have a lot to give so I look for people and future friends who want to receive.

Have you ever tried to give someone an awesome compliment and had it swatted down? Perhaps out of habit or "being polite", but it's totally unsatisfying. I find that I don't enjoy fighting with people to give them a compliment. And what a difference it is when someone truly receives and accepts.

You deserve every bit of praise, love, admiration, support, and cheerleading you get! Know that. And know your life can completely transform when you gorgeously let yourself be loved. 

Sending you my love, can you feel and receive it? :) Rach