Little Moments


Growing up, I loved tiny things! I had collections of some of the smallest figurines and would make itsy bitsy crafts. I also dreamed one day of having my own tiny white poodle (thoughts become things, y'all!) 

This weekend, Brian and I excitedly headed to Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden for the GardenFest of Lights. This is where over half a million Christmas lights drip from trees, plants, and cover the grounds. It's an incredible sight. I would highly recommend going if you are local to Central Virginia or passing through. 

We, last minute, decided to dip into the library as we were leaving, and came upon a pure delight for me: a curated dollhouse exhibit. I think I squealed :)

Many of you also know my adoration for all things home, so here are some of my snaps to appreciate the smallest moments with me. Enjoy! 

I'm curious..

What did you love to collect growing up? 

I'd love to hear from you in the comments below.