"Molting" by Rachel Camfield


Deep transformation happens every day if we are brave and strong... and (especially) let ourselves be weak enough... to allow it in.

We must let the hollowed out spaces and wormholes in our hearts, bodies, bones, cells, and dreams to be scooped out with appreciation and tenderness and heaps of grace.

Well done, little sore and rotten spot. 
Thank you, musky mildew.
Oh, sweet little bruise, are you okay? Bless you.
When we do this…
New dreams and desires come rushing into our hearts like crashing waves.

They churn. 
They turn.
They revolve and push the door, around and around, until we are flipped and popped out on the other side.


The recipe looks like: 
-One must lay down.
-Let the surrender take over.
-Give away the ego. *Especially the being right part. 
-Ask for a miracle to come in.
-Cry out for something bigger-more loving-more powerful to help.
-Then get up.
-Take the little steps each and every day to keep going on the climb you WANT to be on.
-Chop your wood and carry your water. 
-Forgive, forgive, forgive.
-Get around brighter and the brightest lights you can find.
-Stand in their strength and clarity.
-Follow them. 
-And then make up your own dance moves.

You have now just molted.
Until the next time.

By Rachel Camfield

This soul-peeking photo is by the phenomenal Lauren Bodwell Photography

Year: 2016
Where: Maine
When: I believed enough in myself to be on my new path for the rest of my life.

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