My Five Minute Face


Happy face = happy day. At least that's what I believe! When I started my coaching practice and lifestyle brand a little over a year ago, I quickly realized how much ma' face was on camera. Online coaching sessions, a quick Facebook Live, a silly selfie for my Instagram story.

Working from home is my jam. I definitely keep things relaxed, with my fashions and my attitude, but I do believe in a little polish, feeling bright, and loving the skin I am in.

Doing my makeup used to be about a 30 minute process. I have whittled down to 5 minutes. No joke!

What gives? I was finding myself not wanting to spend half an hour on my makeup just to live my life and work from home, yet I wanted a little something that felt elevated and simple. I knew there had to be a way for me to get the makeup results I wanted but drastically cut the time. 

Here's what I use everyday:

  1. Arbonne CC Cream, Fair: This little baby doesn't just give amazing coverage, she glows. Combining primer, mattification power, and brightening all in one. It's lightweight coverage that builds to conceal blemishes and dark spots and minimize the appearance of pores while botanicals soothe and hydrate.
  2. Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face Brush: This brush doubles for powder and liquid foundations like a champ! Nothing I have used (my hands, sponges, other brushes) compares to the coverage and layering ability for foundations. It's fluffy and also allows me to just use a tiny drop of foundation and CC cream for my entire face, extending my products even further. (If you are a mineral powder person, here is my fave.) 
  3. Arbonne Shape It Up Brow Pencil, Medium: Gorgeous, full brows that are defined but not harsh have always been on my wishlist. This pencil helps to build a really natural shape. It's longwearing and smudgeproof, and contains larch & green tea complex. It has a brow brush on one end and a retractable pencil on the other. 
  4. Arbonne It's A Long Story Mascara: Friend, I do not have long eyelashes. In fact in high school and college I pulled them all out. This mascara has given me so much confidence because it not only moisturizes my lashes, keeping them healthy, it lengthens them using bamboo extracts. It's clinically tested and, in my opinion, smells like lilacs. LOVE. (Comes in Black.)
  5. Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation, Alabaster: This was the first foundation of Arbonne's I ever used, and I love it to this day. It's amazing if you are having a little breakout or need a little more coverage to even out any redness or unevenness. It layers so lightly, and I use the same Bobbi Brown brush with it. In my five minute face routine, I use it as more of a highlighter - under my eyes, beside temples, and anywhere else I want a little bright contrast. (It takes about 6 seconds to dab it on, and I use just a tiny bit.)
  6. Arbonne Cosmetic Brush Set, Cheek: Hold the phone please!! Elegant bronzer, shading, and blush can be tricky. This brush ever so softly applies both, perfectly. I use every brush in this set when I'm doing my "regular" or evening routine. It is incredible, and you cannot beat the price! 
  7. Arbonne Glow On Bronzer: A natural looking glow is one brushstroke away. This bronzer has the tiniest hint of shimmer and makes me look like I just came from a weekend at the beach. 
  8. Arbonne Blush, Apricot: This blush gives me a mint of color right on my cheeks that I love. It's super blendable and complements the bronzer without overpowering. My other favorite color is Taffeta!
  9. Arbonne Sheer Glow Highlighter: I am so in love with this last product. One, you only need a tiny bit, and two you can put it on your collarbones, shoulders, anywhere you want a hint of luminescent glow. I put a dap right on my cheekbones and my cupid's bow as my finishing 4 minutes, 58 seconds touch. 

There you have it. I also prep my skin beforehand, using anti-aging, repair, and moisturizing products including cleanser, toner, serum, eye creme, and day creme with SPF 20. I believe beautiful, replenished skin is the optimal foundation for makeup and my best face.

Yay for a happy face!