My Life is My Ministry


Hi, dear soul on the other side of the screen. Thank you for spending your precious time visiting with me today. When I share my words and write these posts, I'm in touch with the most current truths within me. Today is all about the season I've been in as a new mama, creative entrepreneur, wife, and joyful homemaker.


seeking: harmony



Firstly, I want to say a big "thank you!" for indulging me with my recent combo blog posts and podcast episodes. They are a result of my own creative experiment to see as a busy woman how on earth can I maximize what it is I'm doing. It all boils down to me seeking harmony.


Harmony to me means the things I love and am called to be and do all get to be woven together in my daily life, yet not to a point of operating from overwhelm and "should" conditioning but from a place of excitement, being present, and joy.

Praying for guidance

Since I went out on my own, I've been praying about my callings and about how I'm meant to show up. Who is the woman I'm meant to be within my four walls for my family and for myself? How about the woman I'm called to be on the outside of my front door? What about the vehicles that I use to spread love, joy, inner awakening and inner awareness? And then the inspiration and initiative to follow through on to the next big, exciting finding again and again?


I believe in living awakened, brave, and true.


I believe in living awakened, brave, and true. I've come to the resting place that the vehicle might look different for me depending on what day it is or what I'm most excited to pick up first to pour my heart into.

With my life as my ministry, I want to share the ways I can connect with you and serve you.

I want to spread each wonderful, curated masterpiece, I so richly believe in, out on the table and let you choose what combination and flavors suit you for the season you are in or the life you are dreaming into.

Let's come to gather!

I deeply believe in the idea of breaking bread together. It's how we can let our own walls down, nourish our souls, come to-gather, build relationships, and grow in love.

I have a couple of ways we can do that right here and right now. Here they are!


Let's meet as mamas

Do you live in the Richmond or the central Virginia area? We should get our little ones together; I love going out into the world with other mamas. There are so many places here to explore and experience. Let's make a date.


Speaking events 

Live events are quite possibly one of my favorite things. I am honored to maximize my message of authenticity, grace, and personal power. I thoroughly enjoy coming into a gathering, serving, getting into the culture of the group and the space, and vibing with everyone there! I have one private event scheduled for September. The rest of my calendar for 2018 is open. Do you have an event? I would be delighted to learn about how I could serve your audience, team, or followers! Connect with my speaking and training here.

So far for 2019, I have two incredible public events on the calendar — more info to come soon!


The Sacred Conversations Podcast  

This is my go-to place for bringing my freshest conversations and public coaching. Make sure to subscribe so you never miss an episode! And who doesn't love getting a love-note text from a bestie? Share an episode with a friend who you would love to lift up and remind them of who they are.

Cover portrait by Amber Lilyestrom

Cover portrait by Amber Lilyestrom



Rosemary + Roots


This one may a little bit of a surprise. :) I am being called to do this one with my family; to pick the ball back up and run with it. It's been put on my heart time and time again, and, y'all, I get so much JOY from this sweet business. It's simple, small, and it's been re-growing in my heart as something I am being called to do. Put very simply: I have a little shop where I sell things that I would love to have in my own home. My husband and I used to do it together, and now my son and I do it together. I strap him on my back and we go scouting.

As we go out and look for things we have these adventures. We get out of our own house. We connect with other people. We show up in funky spaces, sometimes. We get lost in the moment. We stay open to the magic of life. We do it for the love. It's an awesome exercise for me, personally, to stay open, receptive, and non-judgemental. To look for the clues, to look for the signs, to be open to the surprises, to love and embrace the gifts that are literally put right in front of my path every single day. And then to share those gifts with others. The pieces I sell are amazing little touches that can speak and breathe life into your own love story.

Rachel Camfield Rosemary and Roots
Rosemary + Roots brings your world around you to life.

It connects you to your love story for yourself.

Your love story for your home, friends, your desk, your business. To the things you want to feel. To the people and intentions you want to treasure.

Wherever you need or want a little dash of Rach, just a little touch of Rosemary and Roots :) You can find the pieces for sale right here. We're also on Instagram @rosemaryandroots. And Facebook here.


The Inspired Desires Tribe

We are growing like wildfire!! Please say hello to my health and wellness team where we each believe in healthy living from the inside out and the outside in. If you care about the products you are using and want to make a clean swap, or you're wanting to detoxify your life, this may be for you. In all honesty, this business and the products I fell in love with helped us grow our family by supporting me to rebalance my hormones and get in touch with parts of myself I thought may never change. Healthy living is not solely about losing weight, but it is about taking care of your temple. I feel very passionately about this.

When you give yourself the gift of your own health by taking the best of science and the best of nature and using those two gifts together to elevate your everyday life experience, I believe your whole world opens up. To weave this unlimited opportunity into my life, I simply became a product of the product. I now teach and train others how to do that (it's essentially sharing a lifestyle), how to grow amazing, sustainable teams, and how to bring in another stream of recurring income so you have less darn pressure in your life. Who doesn't wish they could turn the knob of pressure and stress down?? It's a blessing to help people day in and day out do this. 

Rachel Camfield

Maybe you need more money at the end of your month or you want to take a special vacation. Maybe you need and want to get out of debt or you want to donate or tithe more. This is a stream of abundance, that if it works for you and resonates in your life, it opens up an entire world of possibilities — of love, of friendships, of connection, of community, of health, of abundance. The list goes on and on. I think you will be amazed at who you get to plug in with and learn and grow alongside through being a part of my organization. You can learn more here.


The blog 

Hey, you're here! Amazing and incredible content lives here. I've been working on giving myself more credit for the things I've already created. Do you ever feel like it's never enough, or you need to make more, or do more, or put more out there? I invite you to exhale with me and peel back what you've already shared with the world. There's good work there. My hope is you explore and peek around. Go down the rabbit hole on what I lives here.

I also have a Youtube channel with my show connected to my blog, The Rachel Camfield Show. This was when I was really starting to put myself out there. I was having a rough time on the inside of my life. I felt spiritually sad. I felt disconnected from my body. I felt like I was doing the right things but they weren't feeling right for me. I was numbing myself with alcohol. I was trying to escape some of the truths that were just waiting for me to spend a little time with them. It was a vulnerable place to be. But I believed in myself, and I believed in my faith and my calling bigger than I believed in those fears. I believed I was made for more and I wasn't supposed to feel like that on the inside every day when I woke up. So what did that internal work look like? It looked like me getting up and physically doing the things that I wanted to be known for, that I wanted to be better at, and that I wanted to grow in. It looked like asking for help. I invite you deeper into the blog and into the show for some very intimate and cozy peeks into my world and some awesome interviews!

The Rachel Camfield Show

All tied up with a bow

This wraps all of the ways (for now) my life is my ministry, and how I want to connect and grow with you in the seasons of it all. Thank you for being here, kind and amazing one. Excited to be on this journey with you! 

xo, rach.

journal images above: kissing moon, lifestyle portrait photography by Sandy Swagger Jones for Latched Mama on location at Perk Coffee Shop