TRCS Episode 11: New Awareness with Amber Lilyestrom


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I'm not sure if I should squeal, cry, or burst out in song. Whew, welcome friend. Welcome! Today's post and episode are near and dear to my heart in the most inspired, intimate, and life-giving way. 

Have you ever come into contact with someone and felt so ignited by their energy, passion, story, and life that it gave you wings to leap into your own dreams? 

This person for me is my now dear best friend, business partner, "sister wife" (we kid about this endearing term - our husbands say we need to stop saying it, but it's true! We're so involved in each other's lives, families, dreams, and everything else in between that we're literally the second phone call we make after our husbands in those emergency moments. I digress! But the love is real.) 

Which leads me into introducing this amazing episode (perhaps my favorite) and first time interview on The Rachel Camfield Show with the one and only Amber Lilyestrom. 

In today's show, you're invited to come get cozy with us on the couch and dig into:

  • What it looks like to say "Yes!" to the life you want.

  • How it's okay to awaken into wanting something different or more even if you currently have an insanely successful corporate career, lifestyle, legacy, etc.

  • What moving through that truth looks like. 

  • A peek into Amber's transformational journey from being addicted to work, to her near-death experience on the operating room table while giving birth to her daughter, Anni.

  • What it means to pursue the gift of friendship and work to create emotional intimacy and trust.

  • Our relationship/friendship movie analogy (never has been shared before!) 

  • Where Amber is leaning into the vulnerability in her life right now.

Tune in to this one with an open heart and a mind capable of any possibility.... this is the proof that any thing you dream can happen.

Go call your soul sister!

We'd LOVE to know: What is ALL for you? What is your success? What does that really look like? Let us know in the comments below or over on social media (@rachelcamfield + @amberlilyestrom)

Show Notes


*I've added a new iPhone wallpaper and watercolor print (inspired by Amber's visit) to my shop - it's free! Click here.

*As you know, I'm a huge Kate Northrup supporter (she's the reason Amber and I know each other!) She is doing some amazing work - all about Doing Less to actually achieve more. Her free challenge just started. Check it out by clicking here.





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