New Vision


Alrighty! Day two and this new challenge is feeling good. I woke up with clarity and intention which, to me, are two of the most powerful forces. 

The power of the mind

What I've begun to unpack around taking action versus overthinking is that my brain just does what I tell it to. I'm no stranger to the power of the mind. I swear to you we manifested our house 3 years ago. I was so clear on Brian before I met him that as soon as he walked into my life, I knew it was "him." And don't get me started on Wally. Truly each thing I've dreamed of and let myself embody before it has arrived has come true. 

With that in mind, I returned home from a leadership retreat weekend away in the mountains. One part mastermind-feeling vibe, one part glamping, it was a blast and exactly what I needed to recharge myself, professionally and personally. 

image via Pinterest

image via Pinterest


Priceless notes

I promised myself I would reopen my notes and reflect once I was home (instead of tucking my notebook safely away for later.) I can, in part, contribute my dive back into writing on these notes, and I am excited to share them here.

My first page, jotted in my scrawl, reads: 


Day 1 - Morning session. 


  • Vision directs priorities and keeps us focused
  • Vision translates into purpose 
My vision board from the weekend and my teal notebook

My vision board from the weekend and my teal notebook

  • Vision needs a vehicle 
  • Making each day a masterpiece 

Looking for 5 specific qualities. Put the mirror up and are we that person.

Leaders go first — starts with why.

Whys change when you achieve them.

People want to follow someone who knows where they’re going. 

Other people can’t keep going if you don’t (!!!!!!!)

Leaders have perspective (upline)


It feels kind of funny to put my actual notes here on the internet for anyone to see, but hey, why not grow in the good together, huh? You know what else I had the space to receive and process? (And I'm still working on this one...)

The line: "Whys change when you achieve them."

I can also sub Vision in for Whys:

"Visions change when you achieve them."

or "Visions change when you receive them."

Sometimes I just need to stop

WOW. This really impacted me. Which is actually kind of humorous considering I've spoken a lot about the "inchworm life" and enjoy being brutally honest about the ebbs and the flows of creativity, expansion, and growth. But I guess in my beautiful and crazy mama days, I haven't stopped to pick my head up, open my eyes wide, and take in everything that's now around me. I did this weekend, and if you caught my Instagram story, this was what the tear was all about. 

Thank you

My heart melted open with joy and gratitude for making it exactly to this place. My breath caught in my throat, and I felt the joy of satisfaction. A moment in time suspended by contentment instead of the striving of survival. This is new for me. It's been a long road, and it felt really nice to be able to take pause and say an overwhelming thank you.

Thank you, Lord, for my sweet baby boy being taken care of in our safe home by a grandma who loves and adores him, who I trust with everything inside of me. Thank you, Father, for a happy husband doing work he loves in the world, who loves me and takes care of his family with pride. Thank you, Mother Earth, for a healthy body that has fully recovered from creating and growing an incredible new life, for energy that feels clean and balanced and 100% loving and non-violent. Thank you, Heavenly Angels, for watching over me and guiding my intuition and inklings for steps to take and nudges to make. Thank you, Loving Grace, for the fresh morning starts and countless chances to try over again and again. And thank you, Universe, for playing with me, for daring me to take a plateau pause, not for long but just long enough to integrate what we've all just spun into gold together as you extend your heavenly palm towards me, beckoning me to dance again... bolder, softer, stronger in divine ecstasy and laughter for being alive and abundant!

Do you feel the magic too? Right now in this moment? Using what I know I am going to dip my brush into the paint of manifestation and call in what's NEXT... Here I go. 

Note to self: I would really love to keep all of these little, tender dreamies safe and protected. They feel vulnerable. Mostly because they haven't grown big and strong yet. But by sharing them, just the way I share Barnes, they can receive more life and love! That is why I am here, for the love. And self, love doesn't grow in the dark, kept insulated until perfectly poised for unveiling. Much more magic happens on the art table than on the gallery wall. xo.

"Much more magic happens on the art table than on the gallery wall." -Rachel Camfield

"Much more magic happens on the art table than on the gallery wall." -Rachel Camfield

Career + work

  • Rosemary and Roots - have a sale once a week and share on Instagram.
  • Arbonne - go Region! It's time!
  • Writing - blog once a day
  • Speaking - events seeking me, have my message prepared and inspired. Be living my message. (Underline, underline, UNDERLINE.)
  • Book - (title kept secret for now.) Self-publish e-book to start.

Home + family 

  • Have Barnes be woven into the things I am doing and we are doing. He’s not on the outside, he’s in it. He’s part of it. Education as we go. I believe in a world where children don’t have to be separated to exist.
  • Go to bed early and have us time — snuggling, positive affirmations, devotional time.
  • Keep up with the every day home things every day. Start day with a little load of laundry, put away. Clean up the night before for the next day. Kitchen, living areas. Work on one extra area a day that needs tending to or reorganized.
  • Home — start dreaming of intentional decor and furniture we want to manifest and call in. I'm ready for fresh and new within our four walls. It's time to pick out what we truly WANT.


  • Appreciation and gratitude every day.
  • Pay off little by little the debt and do life-giving things with the extra.

Why does it feel like I'm NAKED. Insert blushing emoji. But it feels good. Because if you're reading this and you are choosing to be with me on my journey, maybe now you have a better idea of how I can be helped or how you can pray over us. I will close with this. I am worthy of my wildest dreams coming true and living the truth of who God made me to be. And, wonderful eyes or ears on the other side, so are you. There is no time to waste.

With all my love for be-ing, rach.

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