How Old Entanglements Can Show Us Just How Far We've Come




What is it about a birthday that makes you stop, take inventory, and feel the gravity of your life? 

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It’s a time to reflect and learn from your younger past versions. 

It’s a time to look forward and sail out into even more adventures that await you - ones that you create for yourself or ones that you decide to embrace and step into.

There is a certain magic around a birthday. It’s your very own New Year, and yesterday, if you were to put your eye up to the window and peek into my world on my birthday eve, you would have seen me and Brian sitting side-by-side at our favorite local coffee shop, warm mugs in our hands, tears in my eyes, and Brian probably smiling at my mistiness. 

I sat and watched him pay for our meal. Smile and greet those around him. Walk over to our table, pull out his chair and bring his full presence into the moment. 

How did I get here? So present, happy, and free? Connected to my husband, my community, and my life. Comfortable in my body. Not feeling any heaviness from the night before due to binge eating/watching/drinking/you name it.

I was the girl who woke up and hit the go button. Cracked open the fridge and grabbed a Diet Coke first thing. 

I dreamed of feeling connected and centered in my body but instead had countless fleeting moments throughout the day where my heart just raced. 

I loved makeup and would wear it to make my skin look more even and cover up the red and fiery spots that seemed to always find their place around my chin and hairline. 

I knew the habits, the edginess in my body, my inflamed skin, my slower thinking was all connected, but it was too much to take on all at once... 

So I stayed where I was.

Does any of this resonate for you? You know you might be tangled up but you don’t know how to get out? 

Today, on my 29th birthday, I am going to share how I’ve untangled the things that slowed me down the most and how I’ve rewoven them into a higher-level of being in my life, body, loves, and work. 

I want to speak life into you taking any size and kind of action TODAY. Even if that means, just for a moment, as you’re reading this you think, “Oh wow, maybe I can change, too.” 

Yes. Yes you can, friend. No matter what the outside world sees when they look at you, you know what’s happening inside. You know if you’re comfortable or not. You know if you were made for more. You know if you’re scared but ready to get started. 

Here we go. 

7 Steps to how I’ve untangled and upleveled my life


Step 1

Embrace being 100% honest with yourself.

Only you need to know what’s happening under your surface. In a private and safe space, speak aloud the following affirmation: 

“I lovingly accept exactly where I am and invite a new way of being into existence. It is safe for me to change and to want more.”

Say this out loud 3-6 times. Feel it in your body. Don’t worry if it seems silly. Want to really seal the deal? Put on a fun and loud song that you love and dance it out afterwards. Better yet - dance and speak it at the same time. This is your moment!

Step 2

Download and print my free True Nature Workbook page to support you exactly where you are right now.

Think of it like a map that illuminates where you currently are and invites you to peek at where you want to go (with loving vibes and support).

Step 3

Find a sacred person that you trust.

Ask to share what’s happening inside of you with them. Having a support person that believes in you helps so much when the moments get lonely or hard, and when the old habit is so strong that you don’t feel like there is another way.

I also encourage you to seek professional help if that feels right for you - a therapist, counselor, life coach, or spiritual mentor who can professionally support and guide you based on your goals and needs.

Step 4 

Pick one habit and start there. 

For me, it was the Diet Coke. I was totally overwhelmed by the thought of changing everything all at once so I started where I could. This was only 2 short years ago. It was February of 2015, and I was more depressed than I ever had been. But that moment in time is one of the reasons I am sitting where I am today -- in a beautiful pink patterned desk chair, in a neighborhood we love, in a city where I dreamed of being an entrepreneur, in a house where I envisioned starting our family. Beautiful things come out of messes. I always remind myself of that. 

On March 1st 2015, with Brian as my support person, I gave up Diet Coke for that morning. I made another choice (I think at the time, I was trying out some apple cider vinegar tonic thing. Hey, whatever works.) It was hard and scary and I hated it. But I had to let go to be free. This I knew. 

Step 5

Invite a higher power into your life.

Ask for support and guidance. Play with prayer. Realize there’s so much to tap into and you don’t have to go it alone. When you can’t, God can. 

Step 6

Be gentle.

Pushing yourself, being mean, setting strict and harsh expectations and rules is not the invitation that you need to make things happen. Gently let your feet start feeling their way on this new path. Be open to the physical sensations. Mourn the loss of the things you’re letting go of. Do something nice to celebrate yourself for any size win. This is the work, dear one. 

Step 7

Keep going.

When it seems like nothing is changing. When you slip up or make a mistake. When you are challenged. When someone questions you. JUST KEEP GOING. 

"When Fear Says No" Smartphone Wallpaper, available in the  shop .

"When Fear Says No" Smartphone Wallpaper, available in the shop.


After breakfast, Brian and I hopped in the car and headed out for a birthday shopping treat. I chose Anthropologie. I picked out one special piece, a beautiful sweater wrap with a soft black chevron design. 

I let the moment wash over me. I didn't wish for more or for anything to be different. This is new. And I realized that this is contentment. Wow. What a sacred moment.

Later on, I looked at the tag on the wrap and it said Do Everything In Love. That's the brand, but golly, isn't that the truth? 

I'd love to know, sweet friend, how do you want to feel? Is something is off in your life? Your body? Are you at a place of celebration from intentional work? Tell me about it below.

All wrapped up in love,