One Day or Day One


It’s my birthday, and I can’t sleep. One day or day one.

Rachel Camfield One Day

These are the words that keep me turning and flipping over. 

So I surrender and decide to rise early. Very early. 

In an odd and beautiful way, like the quilt of my day, this is a fold of space and time that allows me to solely focus on myself. 

I exhale as I get to be my own priority and think about the millions of women, parents, and caregivers. Employees, business owners, and homemakers. All working and providing, loving and tending — who live this reality each and every day. 

Today, I am 30. 

Yesterday, I awkwardly and lovingly kissed my 20’s goodbye. 

I wanted the day to feel grand.

But it was simple and, truthfully, hard. 

Hard Days

Hard days test your limits, don’t they? 

They sneak in and snicker at all of that important confidence.

Instead of distracting, scrolling, overworking, and rushing past the stumble and trip (did anyone see that…) I’ve learned to wait. To wait for my words and go within, to sit and humbly learn.

No need to play it off. 

No need to put on pretend airs.

“We don’t let go into trust until we’ve exhausted our egos.” — Rob Lehman

We learn the most when humbled, don’t we? Why is that? 

Is it because the heart must be cracked open to get down to the most honest and real layer? 

Is it because it takes a certain kind of bravery to show up stripped of niceties? 

Is it because we suddenly GASP, breath catching in the chest, at all of the illusions and are splashed with the alerting water that only love is what is real? 

Little love. Little grace.
It all adds up, it really does. 

With mindful clarity, I am saying hello to this new decade. I say thank you to the lessons, the people, high highs and low lows that have all been my teachers preparing me to be exactly here.

Wisdom only comes through learning. Thank YOU for being on the journey with me as I share my words, step out on stage, hit record, put the paint on the page, and hold space for your heart to grab a blanket and sit down for a little while. It's my divine honor to be among the star that is you.

With love + vegan CAKE, rach.

P.S. Maybe it was the heavy rain that stirred me this morning. Quite fitting for this week’s podcast, “The Storms in Your Life.” Tune in here.

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