The Rachel Camfield Show Episode 14: Pivots + Wakeup Calls


Welcome to this week's show, y'all! I'm glad to be back and missed sharing a new episode with you last week when I was down for the count with the flu. Today I am taking you with me to a different setting from the normal Richmond, VA scene I typically share with you.

I have been sensing change in the air for many of us, and I think this episode will really speak to the invitation to walk through new doors if that’s what you decide to choose. 

Isn't it incredible to think about the power of every decision? They can completely empower your life. Let's jump into today's show. 

show notes:

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What's on the horizon for you? Are there some pivots from your past that have put you where you are today? I'd love to hear in the comments below so I can be cheering you on! 

Love, Rach