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How Old Entanglements Can Show Us Just How Far We've Come


What is it about a birthday that makes you stop, take inventory, and feel the gravity of your life? It’s a time to reflect and learn from your younger past versions. It’s a time to look forward and sail out into even more adventures that await you - ones that you create for yourself or ones that you decide to embrace and step into.

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Closing the loop... What have you been carrying for the last 19 years?

Anyone else feeling all the feels today? 🙋🏼  I woke up with gusto and crashed fast which resulted in what I like to call a "morning nap". 🌝  One hour later, I stretched back awake (for a second time) and popped open my email to a beautiful lineup of my soul sisters sharing about today's lunar eclipse. Ah, makes sense.

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Take up as much space as you need.

This week I woke up with the words “take up as much space as you need” swirling and seared into my heart and mind. Some mornings, I luckily rise to this kind of divine download within before my feet even hit the ground. I have to say, I’ve been feeling the most exciting waves in the last couple of weeks - about being myself, honoring exactly who I am - down to each hair on the top of my head, to celebrating the uniqueness and magic in others. Helping them to artfully pull it from within and get it OUT. Whether that’s on the page, in their online voice, in the container of their life, through a video/photoshoot, you name it, I help your inner magic come into the world. 

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Coming Soon! Women Supporting Women Interview Series

Have you ever had a dream that's so detailed it's just a matter of picking up the phone, pen, laptop and making it happen? I call these kinds of dreams downloads because I can effortlessly see what I need to do. It's like my feet are planted on the top of a mountain, and I am gazing out and can see the tips of every tree and twist and turn of the landscape that lies ahead and below me.

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TRCS Episode 11: New Awareness with Amber Lilyestrom

I'm not sure if I should squeal, cry, or burst out in song. Whew, welcome friend. Welcome! Today's post and episode are near and dear to my heart in the most inspired, intimate, and life-giving way. Have you ever come into contact with someone and felt so ignited by their energy, passion, story, and life that it gave you wings to leap into your own dreams? 

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TRCS Episode 9: Pulling Back the Curtain and Illuminating | A peek into my past. A reminder that you, too, can change.

Oh hay there, 2017. How you doin'. I actually recorded another episode and had it ready to go for this first week back, but something happened. I was struck by such inspiration over the weekend I ended up filming one of my most in-depth and longer formats of The Rachel Camfield Show to date. The truth is I am on a pursuit to be awakened by the people put on my path...

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