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The Rachel Camfield Show Episode 2: Defining Moments

I can sometimes think, "How did I get here?" Here to my cozy home. My cherished marriage. My joyful work. My deep relationships. I've spent a good portion of my life energetically in survival mode. Shades of unworthiness can creep in and try to tell me it was luck or good timing. Or something like that. But this I know. You are moving the needle in your life. Each choice - every decision - is moving you closer or further away to your vision. And most of the time, it looks like tiny, tiny steps.

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The Rachel Camfield Show Episode 1: Inchworm Life

Grab a warm mug and join me for a cozy and inspired conversation. Y'all, this gal is coming to you live with my first episode of the Rachel Camfield Show! I am simply oh-so excited to share my light-filled office space, my hope-filled heart, and faith-filled words with you. I will be bringing you weekly doses of vulnerability, creativity, whimsy, and loveliness into your everyday life, relationships, businesses, and careers.  

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One week ago tonight, I had finished all of the wine we had in the house. Well. Let me back up. I started with two rand-o bottles of beer right before. The first one, innocent in nature. It was a casual, Sunday-afternoon-at-home beer. The one for me that says, "Hey, you've earned this. Relax."  I'd been nervous that day. Doing things that scared and stretched me.

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