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The light will not be contained.

You will most always see me smiling. It's something that makes me feel better. It invites love in. It says, “You are welcome here." It's not about pretending everything is perfect. To me, it’s a beautiful banner of triumph. But earlier this week, if you peeked into my window in the soft morning light, you would see me laying on my little love seat with Wally, our toy poodle, in our reading room, snuggled under a blanket, tears coming down my face (as Wally did everything to keep up with licking them away.)...

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The Rachel Camfield Show Episode 5: Bitter Roots

Well, hello there! Y'all know I typically post on Friday mornings after a week of creating, working, living, growing, and honestly, fudging up at times. That's where so much of my learning comes from, at least. Today, we are diving in to a topic that I just couldn't wait to post until Friday, especially with an up-close-and-personal holiday only one day away. If you're a little nervous about your pashmina getting tangled up with an old hurt over a goblet of cider, then this one is for you. 

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