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The Rachel Camfield Show Episode 15: Abundance with Laurel Holland

"Here we go, here we go now!" I used to shout this out when I was teaching my fitness classes, but this is totally how I feel about my latest episode I have crafted for you. Dear one, the woman I am about to introduce you to is not just my personal life coach, she is my friend. You have probably heard me talk about her before. I tend to gush. We entered into each other's lives in 2013. I was just barely engaged to Brian. I was stretched thin. I was seeking. Laurel was grounded, wholesome, life-giving, and nurturing.

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The Unfolding of Life

Have you ever experienced such certainty in your life, that you just knew you were on your intended path? It's like a flutter, and I think we get these fork-in-the-road moments over and over and over again in our lifetime, because they serve as a mirror to where we are with trusting the unfolding of our life. Growing up, I often felt like I had a two-sided inner conflict. That I was supposed to choose a certain path. That there was this thing I wanted and was called to do but I was "supposed" to pick the other thing.

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