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Coming Soon! Women Supporting Women Interview Series

Have you ever had a dream that's so detailed it's just a matter of picking up the phone, pen, laptop and making it happen? I call these kinds of dreams downloads because I can effortlessly see what I need to do. It's like my feet are planted on the top of a mountain, and I am gazing out and can see the tips of every tree and twist and turn of the landscape that lies ahead and below me.

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TRCS Episode 11: New Awareness with Amber Lilyestrom

I'm not sure if I should squeal, cry, or burst out in song. Whew, welcome friend. Welcome! Today's post and episode are near and dear to my heart in the most inspired, intimate, and life-giving way. Have you ever come into contact with someone and felt so ignited by their energy, passion, story, and life that it gave you wings to leap into your own dreams? 

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