Take up as much space as you need.


This week I woke up with the words “take up as much space as you need” swirling and seared into my heart and mind. Some mornings, I luckily rise to this kind of divine download within before my feet even hit the ground. 

I have to say, I’ve been feeling the most exciting waves in the last couple of weeks - about being myself, honoring exactly who I am - down to each hair on the top of my head, to celebrating the uniqueness and magic in others. Helping them to artfully pull it from within and get it OUT. Whether that’s on the page, in their online voice, in the container of their life, through a video/photoshoot, you name it, I help your inner magic come into the world. 

I haven’t felt back in my driven, creative lane for a while. Building a life from within is already teaching me that mama Nature is rocking this show, and I can sit my sweet little a** down. Noted and got it, mama!

So that’s where this line comes in: Take up as much space as you need. 

This means as LITTLE or as MUCH. Pushing out / Receding within. Rising up / Falling to the ground. 

I wrote a post that has been one of my most commented and shared, featuring my belly. I’ve been thinking a lot about space - the physical space we take up with our human bodies, the space we take up with our voices in our lives, in our careers, and online, and the space around us (especially as women) that receive comments, celebration (depending on what others value), and flying opinions on the regular. 

Sisters, we twist and turn our worlds and ourselves like nothing I’ve seen before. I know because I do it too. It’s the code that was programmed in at the 6th grade lunch table when we decided for the first time not to have the whole chocolate chip cookie …because ….our bodies. 

We’ve been trained to turn towards the light like a flower. We get watered by how we gauge we think we are doing - in friendships, our jobs, our interaction with our neighbor just down the street. “How’d I do?” ringing in our ears.

I’m being reminded like a small child who doesn’t know any better, that this light lives WITHIN (stay with me, I know you’ve heard this one before ;) and that’s where I need to turn. 

JUICY NUGGET: Some weeks we will take up a lot of space professionally. Other days, we will need to get quiet and make a little couch cocoon. This is taking up the space YOU need. 

Wave out, wave in. We would have no beaches if the waves decided that only being bigger and staying out was better.


Here’s how I’ve consciously used space in the first 6 months of this year: 

  • Rode the waves with my uncertainty if I would get pregnant, working even more closely with the dance of trust than ever before. (I’ve never tried making a baby before!)
  • Turned towards my life and away from the fast pace of my work. 
  • Lived and operated my five-figure-a-month business with a website that I felt like I had outgrown.
  • Put my value on investing in people and building relationships. 
  • Slept on the couch most days for 2 solid months as I navigated morning sickness and my first trimester. 
  • Got on a plane and got on stage with no prepared speech, only to give the best talk to date of my career. 
  • Told my closest that I didn’t feel like I had it together most days and leaned on them to check on me and buoy me up.
  • Stopped emailing my tribe at the same day and time and decided to email you each when the inspiration gushed. 
  • And in the last 2 days, completely rebuilt my website to be the container for expansion that is already on its way to me. 

It’s weird to go against the grain. To not portray busy. To celebrate full-body surrender, unapologetically. To fight so hard for one thing at a time because it’s what you believe (and giving yourself the permission for that one thing to change over and over).

If you’ve seen Wonder Woman (go rightthisminute if you haven’t yet!) you will see stunningly fierce women slaying together. It will slice deeply into your warrior heart and stir your own revolution within. It will make you think of your sisters, born and chosen, who are fighting for the same things you are. You will see strong and wide thighs, expansive shoulders, tree branch-like wrists and arms, all banding together and soaring across the screen to fight for LIFE. And that’s what I see us doing here. We have a wave of us rising up and changing the worlds around us from within. Day in and out it might look like a mish-mash of calls between squeezed in walks, blended with meetings peppered throughout making dinners and getting to bed on time, but it matters. It all matters. 

I invite you... 

To think of the end of this year. Where do you want to be in your life? In your business goals? In your awakening? In weaving all of who you are called to be into everything you want to do?

This is your time for taking up the space of the personal responsibility for your one, precious life. A lot can happen between now and then. For me, by the end of this year I will be with our baby. My business will be on hold. (I plan on taking you all on the journey with me!) I know it will be a new season so I am pouring my heart into my work now, and it feels so good.

I’ve helped dozens of women and a few soulful men move into the expansion of their own creative and daring revolutions. I’d love to help you, too. If you feel a tug on the thread of your heart, set up a complimentary clarity call with me. I'm accepting 2 new clients for my 12-week transformational experience beginning this month. This one-to-one coaching program will extend through October, and I'm tuning into the reality that this might be the last time the doors are open for this intimate work for a while. Wild! 

I'm holding space and honoring you. With love, Rach


Over to you:

What season are you in right now? What space have you chosen to take up with the first 6 months of this year? What would you like to do with the last 6? Tell me in the comments below!