The light will not be contained.


You will most always see me smiling. It's something that makes me feel better. It invites love in. It says, “You are welcome here." It's not about pretending everything is perfect. To me, it’s a beautiful banner of triumph. But earlier this week, if you peeked into my window in the soft morning light, you would see me laying on my little love seat with Wally, our toy poodle, in our reading room, snuggled under a blanket, tears coming down my face (as Wally did everything to keep up with licking them away.)

The roots of sadness seeming to dig and grow down, deeper and deeper, as I connected with what was swirling and happening in the world and in my heart. My husband and I were in his hometown of Charlottesville this past weekend with his family and dear friends for a joyous and stunningly beautiful wedding.

The contrast of celebration mixed with the reality of the events was difficult to manage, especially in the near days after. I went quiet, needing to go within as I decided as a woman, mother, business owner, friend, and so much more, what I was going to do.

Have times felt especially hard lately, friend? 

I want to talk about it… Let’s invite what feels real to come up and out and onto the page. Let’s have a loving conversation. Let’s let it all be real - the happy, the sad, the hard, the confusing, the troubling, the scary. 

It hit me other day that my work in the world is simply about raising consciousness. 

We might be talking about your inner awakening, your brand, your goals, your transformation, or taking brave steps towards greater alignment with your precious and God-given dreams, but ultimately, I help you discover and have the delicate and determined conversation with your inner wisdom and the world. 

Babymoon photo taken by my dear husband, Brian.

Babymoon photo taken by my dear husband, Brian.

In troubling times, I like to bring my attention to the natural truth that with the light, comes the dark.

I remind myself that it’s going to feel messy and blurry, rarely calculated and neat. But it’s a beautiful deconstruction - wild movements paired with tip toe steps. And, friend, it’s ALL okay. And ultimately, if we are trying, it’s going to be okay. 

How do I know? Well for one, I’ve seen a single candle light up an entire dark space. I’ve watched as a small flicker has been shared with another wick to suddenly create an extension of that light, that then goes on to another, and another, and another. 

I choose to believe that the light will not be contained and that like the flicker of a flame, we have the honor and duty of cultivating the love in our hearts, first, in order to be able to pass it on to others. (This is the beauty of a brave smile.)

This means your self care and the truth of your life must be your top priority because the necessary and needed work and change in the world begins first as an inside job

So what can we do (especially when things feel hopeless and helpless)? 

We can… 

  • Understand that we are a part of the world’s rising vibration and that being a peacemaker often begins with a dire need.
  • Turn towards each other, imperfectly, and be honest about what we’re experiencing, what our fears are, and openly discuss our dream outcomes. Communication is the birthplace for all change. 
  • Clear the path in our own worlds, to allow ease and expansion to radiate from within the four walls of our homes and our families, by taking care of the health of our bodies, spirits, and minds - maybe choosing one habit to begin with that you’d like to “up level” - this act alone is hugely impactful. 
  • Choose to carry the love of someone else forward through our daily actions and brave will to not let their light end. This is the unwavering gift our loved ones share with us in their legacies, and sometimes, it’s the only way to move us forward - to do something for someone else first. 
Sunrise magic.

Sunrise magic.

The picture of me in the water above was taken by my husband on our recent babymoon. (Isn't he artistic?) That morning, we walked down to the beach just before sunrise. I said I wanted to give some beach pictures a shot. It was just us playing. We put on some music. I knew I wanted to get in the water, so I jumped in (in my dress :) and Brian took it from there.

Let's just say, I was blown away by the emotion, beauty, and feeling captured in each one. I plan on sharing more in the future, but for today, I'm choosing to share this one as I accept the vulnerability that we're each probably feeling. I'm choosing to take tiny steps in the positive directions I feel called towards. I'm choosing to reflect to you the re-centering that has needed to happen for me this week.

What do you need today to feel empowered, even in your vulnerability?

How can you let your light shine? Let me know over in the comments below.

I also want you to know - I want your eyes to read, that I am a safe person. That I accept you. And that I will be working every day to make this even more clear in my work and in the way I live. You are welcome here.

Shine on, dear one, the world needs you right now.