For the Treasures Hidden Inside of You




Today I want to speak to the heart of your dreams, desires, and visions.

Here's why. I know what it feels like to sit on the edge, feet and bum planted in the sand, watching, deeply wanting to be out in the ocean, to just try riding that next wave, but maybe someone who's a pro is out there. There's no way to add up. Just a little more practice on land before heading out. It's a self-preservation kind of thing.

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If we're to take this example off the beach and onto the pages of your planner, you might be promising yourself to the fresh start of the new year. It feels more like your pace. You have time to get ready. Or next month. Next month sounds great. A big number 1 to start.

Friend, if there's one thing I've learned about making changes, getting something started, or going for a goal, there's nothing different or special about piling on the pressure to get started perfectly.

There's no right date. You just decide and do. You take a deep inhale and go forward because any little bit in your right direction counts.

As I eyeball the horizon line of two years of being in business, I can so exactly feel what it felt like as I prepared to get started. I craved safety. I wanted to hear a promise that I'd make it and be okay. I wanted to see the revenue from each month neatly listed in front of me and hear the positive testimonials before I even started working with my first official client. I'll never forget, I was reading Big Magic. It was an early December morning. My last day of my full-time job was right around the corner. There was no turning back. It was the start. And I was so scared. There wasn't a comfortable position I could find. No words soothed my soul. It just felt raw. In that moment, I almost quit before I got started. It was that overwhelming to me.

December 11, 2015

December 11, 2015


But then I read these words from the mystical Elizabeth Gilbert: 

"He smiled at the girl with infinite compassion and asked, "Do you have the courage? Do you have the courage to bring forth this work? The treasures that are hidden inside you are hoping you will say yes."

GOOD GOLLY. I knew in that moment. I had come this far... it was not meant for me to back down now. If anything, it was the time to bear down. (Bring on the birth references.) I wrapped my arms around the fear and went anyway. I refocused, bringing attention to the single moment in front of me, and just worked with that one. And that reframing? It made a difference.

Little step, little step, little step, watch for the opportunity, SEIZE the opportunity, get back to little step, little step. (adapted from Keith Kochner)

So now I'm just a wee bit excited and giddy to roll out something special I've been working on behind the scenes.

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It's something I wish I would have had to help me move forward: simplified, clear, and uncomplicated. I've been crafting a way for you to empower yourself online with the tools I've used to create my lifestyle business and coaching practice. To me, shared knowledge is gained evolution so it is my honor to roll out my first offering of this kind... My first Squarespace How-To Course.


Inside this self-paced course, I uncover:

  • Three thoughtfully laid out modules to support your learning and mastery of the SS platform (what I use for my own sites and recommend to clients)
  • An insider's guide to my tried and true tips and tricks after years of building and learning
  • The website mapping + building process I use for each project and brand
  • Step-by-step video guides for the nitty gritty design process
  • My getting-your-website-started checklist
  • How to make an impact with your work, words, offerings, or blog

This is perfect for you if you are EXCITED to share yourself with the world but feel overwhelmed with where to start. Or perhaps you want to be empowered to make changes and design updates on your own but you're like what the what? Or maybe you want to peek into my brain and hangout with me in the creation process (one of my favorite places to be.) 

From one detail-oriented and thoughtful creator to another, it’s my honor to serve you. Now, back to the beach... what if you got in the water with that expert and ended up having one of the best lessons of your life? I'm finding that the pro's are looking for ways to help those that are willing, you just have to dive in. 

In website and water LOVE,


Over to you: Have you made the leap? Are you in the midst of one? What's something that could help and empower you in your process? Tell us below!