My Top 6 Resources for Starting Your Own Lifestyle Business or Brand




Well, it’s really getting real, y’all! 

Today marks exactly 2 months from when our baby will be joining us earth side. I’m thrilled, excited, patient, and totally awakened to the fact that life as we know it is getting ready to enter a new realm. I also deeply know that I’ll never go back to the other side. To the way things were before, to the way they are now.

With that said, I’ve been having many inspired conversations with those of you who are wanting to change your life.

Photo by Lauren Bodwell Photography

Photo by Lauren Bodwell Photography

It’s not about scraping everything you are currently living and putting pressure on yourself to start from scratch, but it is about waking up to what is... and nudging yourself forward intentionally one choice at at time. 

I want to share as much of my experience and wisdom with you as I can, if this is you, before I gracefully step away for however long I want and need to be with my baby and our family.

If you have been considering starting your own business or building your own brand and you’re ready to take the leap (or really start considering it) I’m sharing my top 6 resources that I use to carve my path daily and make my mark.

These are literally road-tested, tried-and-true, ballet-flats-on-the-ground learned and cultivated by yours truly, and they are what I’ve used to…

  • Build a thriving business and coaching practice
  • Establish myself online and in the personal development world as an honest and empowering voice for transformation, surrender, branding, lifestyle, and creativity
  • Receive elevated speaking opportunities
  • Get invitations to be an honored guest at live and in-person events

Ready to dig in? 

Here you go! 

No. 1

{ Squarespace}

A simple, elegant, and user-friendly website building platform that is on trend, affordable, and effective. (You're looking at it right now!)

I cannot say enough good things about Squarespace. From their beautiful templates to their attentive and caring customer service, they get it right every time for me. As someone who is a tad particular and likes things a specific way (who, me?) I am honored to have been working with Squarespace for my own websites and client projects since 2014. 

There is a bit of a learning curve if you are just starting to build your website, but like anything else, there is help out there, resources, guides, and that thing called experience that comes with just jumping in an figuring it out as you go. 

Not wanting to do it all yourself or maybe you don't have the time? My recommendation is to find a designer that you can work with who can get it started for you and show you how to make your own updates so you’re not stuck in client land, unsure how to make your own changes. This is my favorite, go-to gal right here

Feeling confident that your savvy technology skills are ready to birth your beautiful brand or business yourself but still want some guiding, support, and help? I created a self-paced course just for this person. Check it out here.

No. 2 

{ Moo }

First impressions are important. Amiright? I love nothing more than leaving a little token of beauty with someone I’ve just had an inspiring conversation with or met. That’s why I am a huge fan of Moo’s business cards. I have spent oodles on branding collateral and paper products in the past because to me these details matter and are on the tippy top of my priority list. 

Like Squarespace, I’ve been using Moo since 2014. What I love? The thickness and weight of the cards (there are options for all budgets), the printed quality, and price point. I kid you not that when I hand someone my business card, they smile, flip it over a few times, look up, and tell me how much they love it. Thanks, Moo!


{ Amber Lilyestrom’s Brand and Business Academy }

So… what if you’re unsure what to do with all of the ideas and desires swirling around inside of your heart and your head? What if you are totally overwhelmed with the doing, creation, manifesting, erecting that is a starting your own business? What if you want to be in a close-knit community and not try to do this thing called life and business all on your own? 

Guidance, support, expertise, resources, and world-class training DOES exist within an online program, and it is called the Brand and Business Academy, created by one of my nearest and dearests, Amber Lilyestrom. 

Want to know who I worked with to make everything you see in my business happen? It’s Amber. Want to know who rolled up her sleeves and walked with me through the scary-feeling transition that was taking the leap to go out on my own? It’s Amber. Want to know who I turn to for feedback and the voice of growth and expansion in my work and brand? It’s Amber. 

I’ve never encountered someone with a set of skills and gifts, paired with true drive, vision, and business capabilities like her. It’s like she has a different kind of blood pumping through her veins. I’m in awe every single day as I witness and devour what she has to say about creating a life and brand that feels like home. She not only gives me the permission to step into the role of the CEO of my life and businesses, she delivers her direct downloads and teachings of what she is learning and investing in. Big things happen for the people who join her academy.

One last thing that I appreciate the most? She is someone who is constantly growing herself, elevating her own support team and mentors to lead us all higher and higher. 

Learn more about her Brand and Business Academy here. Ready to sign up right this minute, join the tribe, and change your life, business, and brand? Click here

No. 4

{ Arbonne }

I’ve heard Gary V say that Uber is not about transportation, it’s about time. It has exploded and is rocking the taxicab market off its axis because it is convenient, user-friendly, and is helping people obtain and gain back more of their most important resource in this life…. time. 

As a smart businesswoman, I am very clear on the things that help me uplevel - that means go higher, expand, and elevate myself as a human, brand, voice, and woman. 

I did not change my life and set off anew just to work more. I did not brace myself to receive biopsy results over and over again just to be back in the same scary position a few years later. I did not become educated in health and wellness to know better but not choose to do better. 

The truth is, if I don’t feel good - that’s in alignment in my body (light, high-energy, pain-free), in my heart (I am doing my best by my husband, friends, business partners, and intimate relationships), and in my soul (I am doing what I’m here on this earth to do, I’m using my gifts, I’m serving for the greater good), then I am not okay. My work and words and daily life just doesn’t work. I feel icky. I feel bogged down and slow. 

I am grateful on top of grateful for the savvy, svelte, and speedy vehicle that is Arbonne. It is not just my answer for looking great and feeling amazing, (I love our pure, safe, and beneficial ingredient policy and inside-outside approach to health and wellness so much) it is the way I have crafted and curated a lifestyle for me to get more time, connect me to others, and sustainably grow the core areas of abundance and growth in my life including energy, time, finances, friendships, personal transformations.

If you're not sure what Arbonne is, you can click here.

I sat down this week and recorded a short 10 minute video sharing more of my story. Watch it here or below.

There are always ways to get involved with Arbonne with me - whether you want to try a sample of a product for skincare, makeup, or nutrition -or- if you're someone who is looking for another business opportunity and you're exploring what it would be like to join my team

No. 5 

{ Books }

Booooooooooooooks. Do you love books as much as I do? I love them so much I can barely stand it (nerd out with me, it’s fun!!) Books change the world. Here are the ones that have changed mine: 

Courageous Woman, Live Your Inner Power by Laurel Holland 

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra

The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman

Frequency by Penny Pierce

Make it Happen by Lara Casey

The Success Principals by Jack Canfield

The Four Year Career by Richard Bliss Brooke 

Grace, Not Perfection by Emily Ley

Mindful Birthing by Nancy Mardacke, CNM

No. 6

{ In-person, networking and professional development events }

The internet is magic, right? I mean it brings us together no matter where we live, it truly does turn a handshake into a hug, it let’s us communicate even faster and clearer than ever before. It lets us step into each other’s living rooms and lives from the palms of our hands!! 

But the truth is, nothing beats in-person connecting. Face time has been uber important to the growth of my business because relationships are everything. I repeat, relationships are everything. 

You’re in luck, savvy one, because there has never been more of a boom in workshop type events that I’ve seen than now. These awesome and highly curated events are designed to bring like-minded others together to bond, grow, and learn. If you want to plant deep seeds, show up and invest in these. Here are my top 4: 

The Southern C Summit

Arbonne's Global Training Conference

Amber Lilyestrom’s Ignite Your Soul Summit 

Making Things Happen

Whew! This week’s love note has been jam-packed but these things are truly too good not to share. If you have any questions about anything you’ve seen here, send me an email or comment below, and I will get back to you (probably next week becasue I am heading out of town for an amazing wedding weekend for one of my childhood best friends!) 

If you bookmark this one and save it for a rainy day, just know that in the words of my friend, Kate Northrup, your timing is perfect and elegant. 

Some final pearls of wisdom...

  • You will probably not feel ready when it’s time to click submit and make that investment. 
  • You will wonder if there is a better time, somewhere out in the future, when it would be easier to get started. 
  • You will fear what other people will think of you for wanting more and taking the steps to make it happen. 

Do it anyway. Get started. Let yourself dream. Do one small thing. And know, like any investment, good things compound over time - healthy choices, interest, opportunities, connections, personal growth, creativity, inner strength, and so much more.

I once heard, the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. What will you plant? 

With so much support, love, and admiration for your special gifts,



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