Waking Up On Fire


3 weeks ago at a live event, I found myself pumping milk at 10:30 pm at night. I couldn’t wait to dive into my hotel room bed and rest. My brain was on fire from what I had learned. My heart was beating with excitement.

Waking up on fire

I would be waking up the next day with vision and resolve to rise and keep going like never before. In the wee hours, when only the employees were present with me, I would find my way down to an empty coffee shop to “meet with myself”. That meeting would result in me being brutally honest. No hiding and no time to wait. I wrote words to myself that make me cry the moment I see them now. It was hard and beautiful and necessary.

Rising with the sun in my hotel to get my accountability, dreaming, and doing on.

Rising with the sun in my hotel to get my accountability, dreaming, and doing on.

It’s time to do it again

Now? I’m calling myself out again. Why I like to bring you in on the challenging parts of my journey, I’m not always sure! Maybe I’m just wired to share or have learned that the collective rise is far more empowering than only highlighting the victories. If you’re stepping up and pushing yourself to grow, to show up whole, to get back up, keep trying, and bettering your life and outcomes, I can’t and won’t leave you behind.

Here’s where my shoes are toughing the pavement:

Am I playing to win or am I playing to just not lose?

D>A>M>N. That line douses me like an ICE BATH. It shatters my EXCUSES. It buoys my POTENTIAL.

Who’s here to just not lose?

What really is the upside of not losing? Is it to save face, remain safe and sheltered… This is not who I am and if you are reading this, I don’t believe it’s who you are, either.

Sister, just like you, I have to KNOW what I want and then I have to CHOOSE to make it happen. If it’s not happening, then that’s on me. It’s no one else’s fault, period.

Press your finger down to save this smartphone background.

Press your finger down to save this smartphone background.


No emergencies.

I learned a few years ago that there really are no emergencies. So why am I acting like there are? The emotional roller coaster I rip and roar on and is a choice, and if you are a feeler like me, it is a skill learning how to navigate and channel this powerful energy into a sustainable experience. This is where mentors and coaches matter. This is where good rest, taking care of your body, nutrition, and friends to talk to COUNT.

Where do we go from here

It’s human and normal to have a stumble step and a rolled ankle here and there on the path of rising. Getting back in the game to WIN is where we go from here. What do you need to win? What commitments do you need to make to yourself? What accountability do you need to go on the record for? Tell me below or over on Instagram. Leggo, yall! Rach

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