The Rachel Camfield Show Episode 4: We Need to Talk About This


Thank you for joining me in my colorful little corner of the world today! I almost scrapped this video because I felt it was a little too something. Serious. Not fun enough. Too real. Maybe not what you want to hear from me. 

I was talking with a dear friend and the conversation jolted into my outpouring of the complexity I think a lot of us feel: We know what the popular thing to say is - what would really resonate like a high-five (a.k.a. doubletap), but it's empty like that. And a I decided some time ago that the air is too precious to waste on being cool.

I choose to come from a loving place on purpose, but sometimes love can get a little mad. So today I am dishing up something that's been going on within the four walls of my home and from behind my front door. It feels a little bit like a hot button, but I don't think we're talking about it enough. So let's change that. You and me.

Let me ask you: Do you know someone who kind of lives on the outer edge of their joy and pleasure?

Do you witness them not fully experiencing the celebration of their own brilliance? 

It's like a bottled up conversation; you watch them never sink into the true value of what they bring into the world. 

If you are picking up what I'm putting down, let's jump into today's show. A special invitation awaits you.

This episode is perfect for anyone...

  • Who’s noticed there is a disparity between their energetic contribution and what they are being valued for.
  • Who isn’t feeling love or appreciation for themselves.
  • Who is on the hamster wheel of life and not-enough-ness. 
  • Who is tired. 

show notes: 

Chunky scarf: Bought at a groovy, independent retailer, somewhere on the road. Shop local!

Thanks for getting comfy on the couch with me and Wally today. And thank you so much for watching. If anyone tugged at your heartstrings or came to mind during this episode, please share this video with them — it could really help.

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